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Create Ice Breakers Compilation :-)


Every couple of weeks for the last two years I have read about people needing Ice Breakers for training session. What if we made a community resource that everyone could use?

If everyone shared at least one Icebreaker that has worked for him or her, then we could create a compilation that everyone could download.

I realise that some people do not like/use Icebreakers and they are free to ignore this message.

I am happy to create the document, credit all contributors and upload it to the Editor of TrainingZone, so that this document is free for everyone to download. There are no ulterior motives and no need for debate. Please just reply if you are interested or not or whether I would be wasting my time.

I think that it would a great resource that the whole Training Zone could benefit from


Paul Winbanks

8 Responses

  1. Ice Breakers
    Many ice breaker techniques are recyceld time and time again – it’s great to find something new, well borrowed, that can be introduced.

    I’m always on the look out for new ideas, so I was interested when my 17yr old duaghter was searching for ideas for a 6th year conference at her school.

    We devised an ice breaker from a current TV advert – the one about the street name and the pet name – can’t quite rememebr the product just now..

    Have a laugh by getting everyone to rename themselves –
    first name – the name of their pet or family pet if they don’t have one or have never had one,(most families have had a pet at sometime), and second name from the name of their house or street. I’d be Hanky Lothian – well it’s a bit different.

    This was piloted at the 6th year conference and it really help the students to get to know where eveyone came from.

    Adding this to already having knowledge of the names from other introductions built on the getting to know you theme.

    Give it a try.


  2. ice-break
    I think it is an usefull think for a lot of trainers – experienced or not. Aura Dobrescu

  3. Fantastic!
    I think that this is a fantastic idea. It always takes time to research a new activity and in my eyes any time that can be saved is a bonus!!!

  4. What a bril idea
    I think this is a great idea. How about sorting the icebreakers into themes according to what you want them to achieve – such as:

    >Getting to know each other

    >Introducing the topic of the course and getting them thinking about it


  5. Great idea!
    Paul and others

    Many thanks for this suggestion and for your offers of contributions. Any Answers already contains lots of postings on this subject, so we’ll look at getting them – and any new suggestions – into one place on the site.

    Stephanie Phillips
    Editor, TrainingZONE

  6. Great Idea
    I agree it’s a good idea and I would be willing to contribute.

  7. Learning aims
    A start of a session – ask participants to write a post it note, maximum ten words — In relation to days training session – What I hope to achieve from today.

    Place the notes from all particpants on a flip chart and display where all can see. Revisit the comments after lunch time or at another appropriate time to remind particpants what they hoped to achieve. At the end of the day ask particpants to consider their comments in relation to the course/ session evaluation.

    Using post it notes is not very economically friendly – however it lets people make short notes that can be moved around or passed on to others.


  8. Web sites for exercises
    Here are some online sources of free icebreakers and training games/exercises: Big Dog’s leadership exercises starters for meetings and seminars trainer name games register for hundreds of games and exercises a library of resources at UK’s biggest site for trainers a few free icebreakers and more games to buy management exercises lots of tools ranging from SWOT analysis to learning styles games, exercises and toys to buy teambuilding exercises to buy superb mix of items from Thiagi include plenty of short exercises liven up your workshops with free icebreakers and games to buy voice exercises non-violent communication and assertiveness make your own puzzle or word game useful list of free icebreakers professional, well produced activities and tools to buy with guide books Just a few ideas, but clearly explained. Both sites are related, well laid out and explain clearly some icebreakers and how to run them. Not really a description of icebreakers, but rather an explanation in the form of a series of bullet points. A broad collection of issues relating to ice breaker exercise, including an explanation and checklist for what makes a good icebreaker, eve carries some energisers. 10 or 11 novel icebreaker exercises, very good. A brief resume of a range of introduction exercises and icebreakers Ideas and explanations of icebreakers and group development activities One line descriptions of ice breakers, together with some other links. The first page of three pages explaining and introducing how icebreakers should be employed and also some providing some examples for teachers activities, articles and guidance for facilitators

    Comments and additions welcome!


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