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culture change programme


I am working with a company that needs to change it's culture to being more customer focussed, accountable, proactive, better commerical awareness and greater involvement.

does anyone have experience of doing this kind of work. what interventions were used? how was the programme managed / structured? did you use consultants.. if so who?
Do you know of any good books/sources of info on culture change?

many thanks in advance

if you want to email me you can on [email protected]
Richard Rogers

8 Responses

  1. Try Change First
    If you know the direction you want to go, Change First does implementation work, and very successfully too.

    Try David Miller on 01444 450 777.
    Best of luck!

  2. I can help
    I’ve been involved with culture change programmes at Vauxhall, BOC Gases, LIFFE, Yell and Lucas Aerospace.
    All used consultants (I was one of the consultants)
    [email protected]
    07812 170391
    01252 843459
    Rus Slater

  3. Have a talk to
    How many ways are there to skin the proverbial cat?

    I would suggest that you start by having a look at Who Moved My Cheese? And then talk to one of the following:

    Caroline Estersen of Leaps and Bounds – 01634 892773 or [email protected]

    Tracy Algar of Sales Training International – 01695 571310 – [email protected]

    Verna Jaggon of Quest Development – 01225 745600 – [email protected]

    All 3 have worked on a broad range of change implementations within differing customer service organisations, very successfully.

    I hope that this helps,


  4. Why?
    Hi Richard

    That sounds like an interesting project. You’ve listed plenty of objectives, but they seem to be quite closely linked. It’s difficult to give a specific ‘magic bullet’ without knowing the size, strategic objective, drivers and current cultural constraints of the organisation.

    Essentially it’s a behaviour change programme, and you could approach it through a values project. Assessing current behaviours against the requirement and supporting people in changing before assessing again then starting to performance manage is the ‘back of an envelope’ answer.

    We work in partnership with several organisations on this type of journey, and often take subtley different routes depending on the variables.

    If you’d like to talk your project through please get in touch.


    [email protected]

  5. experience in change management
    Hi Richard

    I can recommend Jan Thornbury. She has many years of experience in organisational and cultural change as well as being involved in executive education.

    I hope that helps

  6. culture change programme
    I have a few rule-of-thumb notes from having worked in and alongside change programmes. These are important whether or not you use consultants
    * it’s important to start at the top – unless the CEO and Directors are keen, and prepared to shift their own behaviours, chances are it won’t stick, or will just be paid lip-service to

    * don’t rubbish everything that’s happening now – chances are there’s some good stuff going on

    *find what’s working now, what matches what you want (individuals or groups) and use them as good examples.

    *don’t leave it all to the consultants: for it to stick, people within the organisation need to have been fully involved. It mustn’t be something that’s “done to” people.

    * don’t just rely on workshops. Find a way of integrating what’s happening into everything. And look at what the blockages are. A good question to ask, before you start, is “What’s stopping us from being proactive, commercially aware and involved?”. Ask (personally, not with a questionnaire) teams, individuals, and senior managers. You may find some systemic things that need changing first.

    Hope some of that’s helpful

  7. Breaking the Mould
    There is a change programme whose deliverable is a Corporate Cultural change that can be measured and produces a documented ROI.

    Case studies and Stories of what happened when this programme was implemented and the consequent performance improvements are contained in the book Breaking the Mould.

    The book can be read free online or dowloaded from

  8. could a teambuilding game help?
    Hi Richard

    Although I don’t have a solution to all of your queries I was wondering if you might be able to break the workshop up to include a practical and effective way of defining customer service and accountability. Also if you feel they could benefit from an opportunity to talk, listen, challenge perspectives and discuss real issues in a fun way then a game might be an option. If you’re interested contact me [email protected].

    Good luck


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