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Customer Engagement



I work for a company that has many customer facing staff working in retail environments in Rail station and Airports across the UK.

Our aim this year is to vastly improve the experience our customers have in our units.  How do the top rated companies like Apple deliver amazing service? Is it their training?  If so, what does their customer engagement training look like?

How do you package and deliver your customer engagement training?  What would you do differently if you could start afresh?

So many questions....


2 Responses

  1. Beware “iffy” comparisons….

    IMHO it is potentially dangerous to compare your service to certain others……apple make technology products and their customers pay big money after much hype and consideration…..if your business is (at a guess) a bookstand or cafe, your customer experience and expectation is completely different.

    Yes, there are transferable lessons, but too much comparison to Apple can result in your staff getting demoralised when they realise that they aint managed by the late Steve Jobs, their products aren't super sexy market leaders and they work in Walsall, not Silicon Valley, California.

    I'd recommend that you "create" several customers, each with very differeing needs and wants, eg:

    one who has a couple of tired, irritable children, limited funds in the local currency and a a long delay at the airport….

    another who is a wealthy business traveller who arrives almost late and wants something at the last minute before check in/departure

    one who has forgotten something important to them and so on

    Then you can get the learners to scenario plan how that person would want to recieve your service and how you therefore could make their experience as great as possible.

    I hope that helps.


  2. What do Your Customers Want and Expect

    Hello Sally.

    I agree with Russ above, it's good to look at other companies but the customer base is very different to yours.

    I would be really considering what it is your customers want when they visit one of your units. It is about fast friendly service, someone to have a conversation with them, someone to build rapport or a relationship with them. They only people who can tell you that are the staff members and of course the customers themselves.

    Once you truly understand what the customer wants, this can then be turned into some form of measurable standard that can then be easily communicated to your team members and used as an on goings measure/coaching tool.

    |I use similar units in airports and train stations on a regular basis (maybe even yours) and think as a minimum I want fast service, my order right first time and someone cheerful and pleasant behind the counter. I'm usually in too much of a hurry to strike up any real conversation with the person that serves me.

    Hope that helps.


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