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Customer Focus Away Day


I have been asked to put together an afternoon's workshop to a group of 30 people, spread over 6 tables of 5, on the topic of Customer Focus.

I am planning to do several activities to pull out the key learning points from the day, which are....who are our customers? What are their needs/expectations? How can we improve our level of service to provide excellence?

The activities planned include; 1) using post-it notes to name customer groups then putting them on a scale of perceived importance. 2) Individual reflection on good/bad service experiences, then shared with table group, and then summarised in a list of what makes good/bad service 3) Looking at real life case studies at each table of examples of bad service and how it could be improved.

What I am really struggling with though is a really good energiser which relates to the topic to open the workshop.... and another at the end which closes it powerfully. I'd ideally like something where they work either as 2 or 3 large groups, getting the tables together.

Any ideas?
Laura Wright

3 Responses

  1. the back rub and the nut swinging
    I don’t know if these will work for you but they have both worked for me in the past.
    the back rub
    When the delegates have all arrived get them to stand in one long line, one behind the other. Get them to put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front and massage their shoulders. Give them instructions about what type of massage to give….kneading, little karate chops, finger tip scratching.
    Tell them to work harder,
    at this point they will probably start to inflict pain on their victims.
    Stop them and ask them what is going wrong.
    Manage their replies and suggest that in order to work “harder” they need to work at what the customer actually wants…ie ask their customer.
    Get them to all tho ask their customer and then fulfil their customer needs in terms of a back massage.
    point made…focus on the customer needs, it is probably less effort and makes everyine happier.
    nut swinging
    give each delegate a weight on a string. Ask them to sit with the string in one hand with the weight hanging below and their elbow resting on their knee.
    I’m running out of space so you’ll need to e-mail me if you want the rest of this!
    The point of this one is that there will have been many issues during the day where it will be difficult to achieve focus on the customer or to fulfil their needs profitably.
    If they believe they can do it and they persist in that belief they can make it happen.

  2. a game
    Hi there Laura

    Interact Icebreaker&teambuilder might help. It can be played with upto 30 people and has a series of questions in and around the issue of customer care. It pretty much runs itself so very easy to facilitate as well.

    email me if you want to know more

  3. a teambuilding game
    Have you thought of a game possibly? I know of a fun, effective, and proven tool that may help you resolve some of your problems. The icebreaker is a great energiser, and its easy to play

    get in touch if you want to know more

    Good luck


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