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Customer service



Could someone help me with customer service. I would like some activities as well as a short powerpoint on the same.



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  1. Customer service

    Hi Ashley – what are you trying to achieve or what’s your goal and context? If it’s about making people aware of good customer service, one exercise I’ve seen used by another trainer is to take the group into a coffee shop – one that offers exceptional customer service. One of you goes up and orders a coffee, and the others observe what it is about the transaction, feel of the place etc that contributes towards the customer service. 

    If it’s about understanding customer service, I will sometimes break a group into pairs, and ask everybody to think about an occasion where they felt they received poor customer service and to tell each other about it. And then work out what specifically led to them thinking it was poor service.  Then ask the pairs to tell each other about a time that they received good customer service, and again, specifically, what was it that you liked/enjoyed. 

    Then come back together as a group and list all the ‘good’ points.

    I hope that helps. 


  2. Customer service


     Thanks a ton for the help as it was very useful.




  3. Customer servic


     Thanks a lot as the link sent was very useful.




  4. Customer service


    Hi Bryan

     Thanks a ton as the site was very helpful.




  5. Should’ve gone to Specsavers

    I just spent £120 in Specsavers and they made me feel like I was buying a Ferrari.

    Possibly the best shopping experience I have ever had.

    I would suggest taking your people there and just copy what they do. Perfect.



  6. Help me do my job?
    I have been active on this site for over eleven years, and like to think I have helped a lot of people.

    Sometimes I do feel just a slight irritation with posts like this, as it makes me wonder what people know and what they can do in order to meet their client expectations.

  7. Check out the competition.
    One of the activities I find works best (& is adapted from something I saw on this website) is this:

    1. I have them call 2-3 competitors and ask about their services.

    2. They have a simple rating form to fill out during the call that includes a general comments section.

    3. After a set time, we go over the results & make a list of what was good & what was bad.

    4. From there, we discuss how good they have to be to stand out from our competition (when they were good), and/or what not to do (when they were not good).

    I train call centre reps in a competitive industry, but you could adapt this for whatever your scenario is.


  8. Another activity.
    Here’s a link to another activity that’s good practice for them and fun too:

    I use real-life scenarios that I got from existing staff in the same job.

    You just have to be a little careful that you’re clear the learning points are being professional and courteous at all times, and never making the customer feel stupid (some of my trainees are techy people who need to show patience with those who lack technical know-how).

    The scenarios themselves can be funny & challenging, but they have to keep in mind customers sign their paycheques.



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  13. Customer Service exercise

    Hi Ashley

    We have a ‘first impressions’ exercise you can download from . It helps participants analyse the impression they give across a number of areas such as body language, they way they look, telephone manner etc.

    Alternatively you could purchase our fully designed, ready to deliver course (includes fully-editable powerpoint slides, trainer notes and participant manual) in Exceptional Customer Service. Full details at Hope that helps


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