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Customer Service Values


Hi, I am about to run a series of one day workshops for people in a fairly limited job role who provide a service to the general public, mainly face to face. Amongst some of the teams there is a motivation issue, for others there are management issues. Training is not the answer to all of their problems but it's a start. I plan to kick off the workshop with a session to create their own customer service values which they can then build on / support during and after the workshop. Any ideas on the best way to go about this? These people are not used to a training environment so anything too wordy or high-brow won't go down well.



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  1. What do they expect, as customers?

    Hi Colette

    How about getting them  to start off with a bit of an icebreaker by asking for their personal experiences as customers – ask for their examples of excellent customer service and for tales of dreadful service (have one or two ready of your own to kick them off if they are not used to this sort of activity). Use these to begin to build a picture of what customers are looking for and you can then use this as a basis for their own values.

    Would be happy to discuss this, my contact details are on my profile page.

    Good luck

    Jenny James


  2. service values

     Hi Colette,

    Training room values are very different to real life values. There is little or no tension placed on classroom values and they are hard to test until they hit the real world. I would respectfully suggest that you move away from the term values and describe them as, perhaps, Service Standards or even their Service Attitude.

    Obviously, these people need to decide what they are prepared to buy into and what’s sustainable. It might be an idea to use a running theme of Real Life Time-outs – where you stop the process every so often and get them to test their attitude against some of the most extreme circumstances they have encountered when doing their job. E.g. people often shout and scream at me so how will i feel if, going forward, i have committed to being ‘x’…

    Get them to test other attitudes/values against the same scenarios. Get them to consider the outcomes of different behavior  .. they will soon tell you the way they want to behave and the values that will work for them.

    If i was going to kick this off i would give them fifty words/phrases to start them off ( e.g. always polite or listen first) and let them test them against their role… 

    sorry this is a bit of a ramble… my phone number and email is below if you would like me to elaborate…


    http://[email protected]

    07917 675749


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