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Delegate Introductions


Hi fellow Training Zoners! I am looking for some quick and snazzy delegate introduction exercises. Can anyone help?
Anne Marie O'Grady

5 Responses

  1. Delegate Introductions

    Why not cut out pictures of some famous double acts. As delegates enter the room give them a picture then ask them to find their partner.

    Sandra Beale

    There IS no quick and easy answer to your query. It all depends on your event. What’s its purpose? What tone will it have? Who are the people? What do they expect? How long is a piece of string (or your event)? You can’t answer the question till you have answered these questions. If still foxed, buy yourself one of the many books of ice breakers or look them up on the web.

  3. Review earlier questions
    There have been questions about this sort of thing here before, and some useful answers posted. Scroll down the page of questions, click ‘more’ at the bottom and find a recent one, like Alistair Robertson’s appeal for short training/energising games. Look through the answers and – here’s the trick – use them as inspiration to create your own original icebreaker! Try it and then share it!
    All the best,
    Dick Barton

  4. Easy Intro / Icebreaker
    Hi Anne Marie,
    Here is a quick and easy intro that gets everyone up and moving and talking to each other. Have a go it works!
    It’s called the ‘Snowball Fight’ and the instructions are as follows:
    Have each person write their name, what they do, where they are from, one distinguishing characteristic plus two unusual facts about themselves on a piece of white A4 paper. Get everyone to scrunch their sheet of paper up into a ball – i.e. now they have ‘snowballs’! Each person throws their ‘snowball’ to someone else and everyone continues to throw the ‘snowballs’ around the group for about a minute or so – the scene is one of general mess and madness! Once the throwing has stopped, everyone has to have a single snowball and they then have to find the ‘owner’ of that snowball. When they have located the ‘owner’ of the snowball they have in their possession, they will introduce themselves to the ‘owner’ and then introduce the ‘owner’ to the rest of the participants.
    Hope this is of use for you!

    All the best.
    Jim – ([email protected])

  5. Bring a object…
    Ask everyone to bring something to the session that sums up who they are or what they do – then get them to explain it to the others. Sadly in recent months a lot of people have been bringing their ipod or mobile phone so I’ve banned them! If someone forgets – get them to find something in the room or draw a picture. It’s always fun and enlightening.


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