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Developing employees on handling calls



We are looking at developing our showroom teams on handling sales calls that come into the branch. We are very effective in converting in store customer visits to appointments and sales but our conversion for calls to appointments is not as positive. I would really appreciate if anyone of you have any advise and/or material that would help me shape this project. 

Thanks in advance


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  1. make them think

    A good idea, if you have or can obtain the technology, is to make some recordings of calls then get the trainees to analyse them.  If you record a few poor examples and a few average examples, you can play them to the group and then get them thinking and talking about where they could have been improved, get them to identify the missed sales opportunities and imagine how they would have dealt with the caller themselves.  Maybe even ask them what they would have said to the call handler if they were asked to give them feedback on their sales techniques.  Once they’ve done that for a while, play some examples of really well handled calls and then see what the trainees make of them.  Sum it all up with the key learning.

    I’ve used this technique for training customer service staff in the past and it always worked really well.  I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work for salespeople with the right recordings.

    Good luck!

  2. Great, thanks

     Hi Stuart and Bryan

    Thanks for the replies. 

    Stuart we do record calls so I am sure that we could use this to pull out strenghts and development needs. Bryan that doc will be really useful in shaping the knowledge piece within the training. 

    Many thanks


    Anyone else?

  3. is it too stupid to suggest that…..

    ……anybody who actually takes the time and makes the effort to visit your store is demonstrating a higher degree of buying signal than someone who makes a phone call and is therefore probably checking out a host of others by the same method?  Some people really HATE being sold to and they will probably call rather than visit and will prabably also really resist being booked into a sales appointment.


    I know that this doesn’t answer your question but it may be that people are doing all the "right" things on the phone calls but are still not converting because they had little or no chance from the outset.


    PS, I don’t know what your business is but my personal approach is that the minute a sales person says "the visit/survey will take about two hours and we have to insist that your wife is present too"…..I refuse point blank and go elsewhere….unfair perhaps but I think that reeks of the hard sell!



  4. Call Assessment Tool

    Hi Sinead

    I used to work as Training Manager of a computer manufacturer/retailer. We developed an inbound call assessment tool to help give feedback to salepeople handling calls in our showrooms. You can download/use/adapt the tool by visiting the trainer freebie section of our website: and scrolling down to Inbound & Outbound Call Assessment Tools. Hope that helps.

    Happy days!


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