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Development workshops for trainer recruitment


Hi there,

My company is currently recruiting a team of Trainers to assist the business on an adhoc basis. I want to run an assessment centre with 4 workshops based around 3 key areas - presentation skills; managing challenging behaviour; communicating simply but effectively; problem solving.

I am open to other ideas though!

Does anybody have any good ideas? they are only gonig to be brief 15-30min workshops.


Nicola Tatton

3 Responses

  1. depends on your definition of “assist”
    If you are proposing to produce all the material in house and simply use these folks as stand up trainers then you may have enough here, or you may want to add a facilitation assessment.

    Alternatively if you are looking for these folks to add greater value by being independent consultants rather than pure deliverers you may want to add some more indepth assessment of their coaching ability, TNA, material design and commercial awareness


  2. Assessment centre recruitment
    The classic way to do this is to first map out the job and then identify the criteria for doing that job effectively, and then to design the assessment process around those criteria. The criteria should be very specific as they will form the basis of your observer checklist and scoring mechanism.
    I would guess the job will need some subject expertise, some prior experience, maybe (as Rus says) some facilitation skills, or feedback skills, and will the job require design and other non-delivery skills. Of the skills areas you have already identified you might need to break down presentation skills, for example, to structuring, use of visual aids, etc. I am not sure why problem solving is so high on your list, but if it is you need to be clear why.
    As to activities, the presentation is easy. Get them to do one, preferably on the topic they will be delivering for real. For managing challenging behaviour your best bet is a simulation, but this does need very careful handling to be realistic. If the budget allows consider employing a professional actor.
    For communicating, you may be able to assess this thematically over the other activities. If not then consider what key aspects you are looking at (listening, explaining, writing) and design the activity around these.
    For problem solving it is best to find a problem that is as close as possible to that they would face in real life. Without knowing what that is it is had to offer much advice. But, just as an example, you could give them a calendar of training events and a list of trainers with different skills and working patterns (eg part time) and get them to schedule who does what.
    Best of luck with the assessment process, if well designed I think you will find it far more effective that a simple interview and presentation approach.

  3. definition of assist
    Hi again,

    The people we are recruiting will be purely deliverers, working part-time in training whilst continuing in their substantive role as CSRs.

    Problem solving isn’t definitely an area we are going to assess, it’s a maybe & possibly not a requirement for those not working in the role full-time – I’ll give that one some thought. Thanks for your ideas though.


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