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Diary of an HR Manager


Day 1
It was a long very intensive meeting of like minded wealthy (at 700-2k a ticket) individuals doing lots of role plays. A manic depressive was exposed as the selfish individual she really was as her father sat next to her listening to her consider suicide. Robbins did not schedule any breaks in the grueling 8 hours, instead he captured our attentions with periodic physical jumping and chants of our commitment to our intentions and lots of high 5's. I was amazed that I was able to concentrate, only interrupted by extroverted individuals acting in a really exaggerated fashion - my god at these points I felt like I was at a religious sect convention. Robbins did tell us that our physical state has a significant impact on our emotional state - but some people were taking it to extremes. I will now smile at everyone at work not just at the people who make me smile. Did I benefit - well yes in sorts - I am not so conceited to think that I already encompass the philosophy Robbins was sharing with us and of course I feel fear - the ultimate failure, but maybe Robbins has succeeded in encouraging me to confront that fear earlier - we shall see. He certainly managed to order 12 thousand of us to take off our shoes and socks and walk for 10 minutes in the rain against a background of bongo music shouting yes and punching the air to our destination - the fire walk!!!!

Day 2
I had studied psychology so was able to identify with Robbins advice about confronting obsessive/compulsive disorders. He told us stories of how he has cured snake fears - is he the next Paul McKenna - does he conquer all fears - will he conquer my back seat driving. Today was a day of lessons - one very important to me is that wealth is nothing without creativity. You must be honest with yourself. We must share, give back - this will give a sense of meaning to life - he suggested that we go out and devote some time to others - maybe go to an old people's home. I came away wanting to give - I want to set up a Christmas parcel scheme at work and I will definitely do some voluntary work to forget my insignificant woes. Why waste time on yourself when you can give it to someone else.

Day 3
We were warned to be prepared - we would be doing something better than walking on fire - something life changing. The morning was a lecture encompassing different beliefs that we hold, then we heard how Robbins became the person we know now - how he had gained 38 pounds, fought and confronted others. Then we heard other peoples stories - at first I was uncomfortable hearing about child molestation, seeing a women cry and volunteer her story to 12 thousand was not a pretty sight - is this an Oprah Winfrey show?. The women said she had been molested by her grandfather who died when she was 7 - Robbins responded with "thank fxxx- otherwise we would have to kill him". His response to her seemed to lift away some of her painful memories. He told her to let her grandfather die in her memory - to no longer exist. She sang like an angel and did other strange activities and then seemed to overcome her stutter - I was not comfortable about being part of someone else's private moment. But the very fact that 12 thousand people were there to see her confront her fears seemed to accelerate the process. Then it was our turn - we found a partner and basically became very emotional - were we brain washed - I am not sure - all I know is that 12 thousand people started crying - some were even wailing. It was very emotional - something you will only appreciate if you attend. At times I did feel like I was in a Spielberg movie - a sad one where we triumphed over our worst enemy - our fears. I really did benefit from it all - a part of me has been ignited - I am more motivated and I sure will work harder - play harder and smile a lot more.

Day 4
This was about food - Robbins was replaced with an Eddie Murphy like man - as he talked through what we should and shouldn't eat - I was reminded of an Eddie Murphy clip from one of his live tours - the one where he says "you haven't got any ice cream." It was a perfect ending - not only will I confront my fears - I will be skinny when I do it!


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