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DISC Certification


I am looking into this at the moment & there are a lot of companies offering DISC accrediation. I would love to hear from you on what you think of DISC & who are the best people to go to for accreditation if I were to go down this route.

Thanks very much


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  1. Why DISC?

    Hi Frances

    I’m a DISC facilitator who trained at a time when my employer was using DISC to support a number of interventions.  It was well received by learners and had high face validity within the business.

    However that same corporation subsequently made a decision to stop using DISC, StrengthsFinder and other instruments in favour of MBTI, Hogan, OPQ and other psychometrically proven tools.

    My advice is to consider what your clients value and want rather than which tool you are attracted to.  DISC won’t give you a competitive advantage IMO – there are lots of facilitators out there who already offer it.



  2. Thanks Mark

    I appreciate your taking the time to answer & share your experience. 

    In answer to your question, I am investigating a whole range of tools (including HBDI, Hogan & MBTI) but DISC was one where it was difficult to pin down who are the ‘go to people’ for it in the UK; hence the question on here.

    It is always an interesting connundrum about whether the popular tools are simply that good or just well marketed? I would love to hear which ones are your favourites as an end user.

    Thanks again



  3. DISC


    I am a trained internal DISC facilitator at my organistion. We used SuccessDynamics as our supplier of DISC training. They offer an excellent service.

    You may also want to investigate Thomas International!

    Kind Regards

  4. DISC

    Hi Frances,

    I completed my training with Thomas International, who provide free update and refresher sessions, as well as regular practical workshops exploring different uses of DISC (also for free).

    Their website is extremely simple to use and allows you to complete assessments online, email them to delegates and then compare results – either against pre-defined profiles or against UK norms for particular roles.  Additional tools allow you to complete team assessments and to assess individuals for fit within a team.  Access to all of this is included as part of the training with no annual fees thereafter.

    At the time I investigated my training, they were by far the most cost effective in the market (although not the cheapest) and my experience with them since then has been excellent.

    Kind regards


  5. DISC accreditation

    Hi Frances

    I did my DISC accreditation through Thomas International too, that was a while ago though! They seemed fine. As you know though, it is just one amongst many other tools, and depending on what you want to use a tool for, it can make the choice really hard! I am a very practical occupational psychologist though and have been trialling several tools recently, so if you wanted to share ideas then feel free to do so directly.

    Good luck!

    Martine Young

  6. Accreditation

    Hi there,

    We’ve received accreditation in our business for both DISC and Emotional Intelligence (which work very well together, for a more detailed picture) from Thomas International.  Personally I found the training to be very engaging and thorough but, as with all things, you need to be in an environment where you can put it into practice very quickly, and stay familiar with the content. 

    There are other organisations who use DISC and MBTI alongside additional psychometrics to provide the fuller picture, such as The Ken Blanchard Companies, that may be worth looking into (along with their Situational Leadership II model).

    Good luck!


  7. DISC

    Hi Frances,

    I looked at Thomas International before opting to do BPS levels A and B+ through Psytech International and OPP. I later went on to "do" Hogan as well.  In my humble opinion and also using the definition of a robust psychometric taught on these courses (!) , I’d be reluctant to go for DISC. Yes, its simple and accessible, but it doesn’t seem to have anything approaching the levels of research and validity offered by the other tools you mention.

  8. Thank you to all of you

     I really appreciate your honesty & sharing your experiences. It has been really useful.


  9. DISC


    We used Lesley Jenkins of Pyramid Training to become DISC accredited and it was probably one of the most entertaining training programmes I have ever been on.

    — Regards Scott

  10. Depends on your focus & desired ROI
    I’ve accredited in Talent Dynamics which is focused on organisational/business development through accelerating trust and flow.

    While you can have great results with 121 work, the typical minimum financial return on investment from a 1-day team workshop is £100,000. This is because of the methodology that goes alongside the profiling tool.

    As with many of the people who have commented often practitioners are accredited in multiple tools, so what your end objective is will be a big deciding factor for you.

    I’d be happy to chat with you about this if you’d like to know more. PM me or contact me on 07766 917890 or [email protected]

    Cheers Una

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Frances Ferguson

Training Design Manager

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