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Does anyone have a powerful team building activity for 42 people who have undergone an enormous amount of change recently?


A large part of my business is going through a huge amount of change currently.
They are having a two-day off-site conference and I have a 2.5 hour slot for some fun, motivating team building activities.

There are 42 people and we have indoor and outdoor facilities available.

This needs to be powerful, have impact, and be memorable (for the right reasons, obviously!).

Does anyone have any tried and tested ideas for a group of this size? Or can recommend an external facilitaor/company?


4 Responses

  1. can you give us a bit more information?

    What kind of "change"; if these people are the sole survivors of a 30% headcount reduction you will want different activities to a group who have just had a transition to Office 2013.

    Is the "change" over (in so far as it ever is) or are they part way through the change programme?

    What levels of 'hierarchy' are involved in this group; just those who had change thrust upon them or does it include those who demanded or led the change?

    What was the rationale for the change? Was it sold as for the benefit of shareholders, customers, staff or others?

    unless these factors are taken into account in your planning you could end up with an activity or session that does more harm than good.

    Sorry if this doesn't seem to help, but it is critical to get the right activity before you go too far.

    Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss this offline

    Rus Slater

    [email protected]


  2. Teambuilding / Change


    Would love to discuss this with you and find out a little more before making any recommendations.

    Based in the UK, I work in UK, Middle East and Europe for many clients, and much of what we do is linked to change, and as Russ says above, its a huge subject with significant implications and opportunities. 

    Out of interest, do you have any figures on levels of staff engagement (or motivation at present)?

    I have used activities from simple  yet highly effective desk top challenges for a few pounds a head that when facilitated give great results. equally some activities will cost several hundred pounds per head. The important part is getting it right for your team and which offers the result you need. 

    Do you have a budget as sadly this will have an impact on activities and levels of facilitation and outcome. The only thing I can promise is that some activities for £1500 are genuinely expensive and are of little value, where as some at £5k… £10k can prove cheap because of the business benefits they help people to deliver. 

    I'll be pleased to have a chat and even if you dont use us, I'll give advice / feedback to enable you to better choose a solution. 

    There are also some fabulous tools & activities online that you can use before and after your session to add value and which you can run in-house for very little investment. May i suggest one or two sites to you?



    [email protected]


  3. Powerful teambuilding

    Best activity that I took people through was 'drumming'

    We used a company (happy to recommend if you are interested) and for a relatively small outlay in cash terms and a 2-2.5 hour time slot, they took a team of 40 people through the basics of learning a 'beat' on a variety of different sized drums. The climax of the session was when all 40 people put their drum beat together and created a powerful and enjoyable sound! On the back of substantial change, the outcome was a lasting message around 'look what we can achieve when we work together'

    It was memorable (created a language of its own back in the workplace) and enjoyable (just remember to test whether any one in the team has a hearing impairment that may make the activity unsuitable) and tremendously enjoyable (just warn the neighbours what you are planning)

    let me know if you want more details

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Wendy BW

Learning & Development Manager

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