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Does anyone have any examples of energiser activities to show creativity?


I am trying to find an example of an energiser exercise to show creativity.
It needs to be suitable for groups of 4-5 and only last for 5-10 minutes.
Ideally it should be something that is relatively simple to do.
Any ideas?
Lindsay Rodham

8 Responses

  1. Paper Cup
    Hi, A really simple one I have used is how many uses can you come up with for a paper cup. If you work in teams or individually if you only have a few people then gather all the examples together it also shows the value of teamwork (i.e working along you came up with 20 uses, together there were 40). Hope this helps!

  2. From the perspective of an alien!
    I have used this short exercise, which I got from an Innovation website.
    Write down on cards the names of everyday objects – i.e fridge, TV, apple or whatever you want.
    Ask each group to select a card.
    Ask them to define the object from the perspective of an alien who has never seen that objerct before. This requires them to suspend their own views about the use of the object and be as creative as possible. For example, is a fridge a God that requires constant sacrifice or a growing site for medicinal mould.
    A variation would be to give the same card to each group and see what they come up with.

  3. Creativity
    Hi Lindsay

    I use a simple questionaire that looks at Creativity Potential as defined by Personality, Problem Solving Approach and Work Environment.It does need to be facilitated but I find it useful to identify blocks to creativity.

    Let me know if you would like a copy


    Phil Wheeliker
    [email protected]

  4. Creativity or Innovation?
    Hi Lindsay,

    I wonder if you mean innovation, rather than creativity.
    Most replies here are based around innovation, not creativity. ie asking people to find new ways of using an existing product or item (fridge, paper cup etc)
    Creativity is not something you can manage, or write questionaires for.
    Creativity is the production of something totally new…not a different use for something that already exists.
    Phil was on the right track by looking at the ‘blocks’ to creativity.
    Rather than ask how you can make people creative, look at what stops them from creating, and work from there.

    Find out what drives these individuals, what their passions are, even if they are unrelated to work.
    Make a fun excercise by asking them to write down (in 5-10 minutes) 10 absurd things that would make work a really fun place to be.

    Tell them the mission is to increase the number of laughs per employee per day. Totally throw them off course and get them thinking outside of the rules and regulations.

    Let them have fun and ‘play’ for while, and watch the ‘creativity’ come through.
    Offer a prize for the most absurd suggestion.

  5. Creativity with a tie…
    In a similar vein to the one below (paper cup), I have done an exercise on how many uses the group can come up with for a man’s tie.


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