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Does anyone run a ‘Buddy System’ for new starters?


I'm doing my Management Report for IPD (AARRGH!) and I'd like to hear from anyone who runs a Buddy System for new starters.

I recently introduced one into our company and I'd like to compare notes.
Cherry Fawcett

5 Responses

  1. Interested in starting a Buddy Program!
    I don’t know if I can help you but maybe you can help me. I am trying to start a Buddy Program in my company and have agreement by some and push back by others. Can you tell me more about the program you are doing? Does anyone have advice for doing a Buddy Program for a widely dispersed audience – a sort of “remote buddy”?

    One other thing…does the term “Buddy” work internationally?

  2. Buddy system
    I am also looking at setting up a buddy system, and would be happy to share experiences with you both.
    Also, in terms of whether the word “buddy” works internationally, my experience is that it does not. I am meeting with some HR colleagues from other countries later this week, so may be able to provide some suggestions then!

  3. Buddy Systems
    Hi all, I have been involved in a Buddy system before and have a little experience of some of the ups and downs. It can become very misused if not managed effectively and become more of a “sitting by nellie” exercise than real buddying. Contact me if you require further info.

  4. Comments based on experience of trying it.
    I’ve done this in a couple of places, with mixed results. It worked will with new engineering grads, where the buddy was an existing grad: a lot of the help was social and domestic, rather than professional. We had less success with a more general buddy system for all. The keys seem to be to use it where people are joining a distinct group, and don’t make it compulsory.
    I wouldn’t get worked up about the name – we tried several stuffy alternatives and people said “oh, you mean a buddy!”
    I’ve got info on a number of companies if you want it.

  5. “Buddy system”- Quality or cost?
    Hello! I am somewhat of the poor relative here! In our retail enviroment where new starters have (presently) 8 hours to learn their role (minimum 30 needed – my estimate) this buddy system is abused. Many times, new starters are left to control stores with little or no training. Staff retention rates have been poor – surprise, surprise! At least infrastructure is now coming into place, and I hope to see great improvements late next year.
    My position is that of Branch Manager and I hold the C.T.P. , so maybe I don’t see the big picture.
    All the best!!


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