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Does E Learning leave you cold?


If you have some E learning planned today probably best not to watch this first.

4 Responses

  1. Different Title …… Same C…P

    I was involved in writing e-learning (Called CBT then) in 1985.  It was NEW, it was Exciting it was Electronic Page turning.

    What's Changed? – Very Little as far as I can see.

    Its faster, it has more colour and wizzy bits but its still electronic page turning.

    I used to keep the lessons down to less than 20 minutes each and supported then with documentation and had it as a support/consolidation tool, otherwise it was not used.  This principle still need to be applied.

    Until they start using Gaming technology and theory to create truly interactive e-learning then for many the video is the perception and in many cases the reality.

    I am a bit old school but believe that e-learning should be an added value or consolidation tool to good well designed and delivered Instructor lead training.

  2. Does E Learning leave you cold?

    Hi Steve, thanks for sharing an often true but also funny clip.  It's easy to see why organisations find e-learning attractive when you look at the simple cost model comparing it to the cost of intsructor-led training but too few organisations consider the combined effects of individuals preferred learning style and the preferred corporate learning style which is, to a very large  degree, determined by the coprorate culture.  If the corporate culture is one which promotes learning at any and every opportunity and which encourages individuals to really take ownership of their own personal development then the introduction of a library of e-learning modules is likely to fall on fertile learning ground and will be successful provided the design of the content is suitably interactive & in short bursts.  However, the corporate culture in in many organisations is not "give me an environment in which I can learn" but is much more like "teach me" where the learner is dependent on the trainer in a classroom environment just like it was at school.  So, the point of my post is that making e-learning effective is not just a responsibility of the e-learning provider by making the  content relevant, interesting, easily accessible, interactive and so on, but is also a responsibility of the training management in ensuring the corporate learning style is supportive of such an investment, in advance – something that many training managers forget when making the decision to go down the e-learning route.  Gary

  3. Wizzy Bits

    Unfortunately "wizzy bits" cost money.

    I saw this one at a Serious Games conference and I believe the development cost was £250k 5 years ago.

    MOD also use a lot of gaming technology but out of reach for most of our budgets.



  4. e-learning

    when the learning gets ambushed by the compliance brigade 


    then utility, engagement and calls-to-action – all hall marks of good training go missing



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Steve Robson

Learning and Development Consultant

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