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E-Learning success stories


I read a lot about E-Learning, but I have yet to see great examples.

Where are the success stories? Where are the great examples of improved learning through E-Learning?

Sheona Nicoll

9 Responses

  1. elearning success
    In 2004 we launched a certificate in selling for the sales institute of ireland using a blended solution. study material, assignments, tests, and tutor monitoring uses the HRDonline elearning system. feedback has been extremely good. on the back of this success we are launching a diploma in selling and a sales coaching diploma for the sales institute in January 2006. the difference with this system compared to all others I have seen is that this is cheap – but it works. And the good thing from our point of view is that we can load our own material onto the system and edit it in real time.
    Frank Salisbury

  2. EPIC
    Might also be worth having a look at some of the stuff Epic have done. They produced some quite innovative work for people like Orange and Barclays.

  3. Innovative – Business Centred

    In June this year we launched a major e-learning programme for one of our clients focusing on the induction legisation within the Care industry.

    If you would like to contact me I will send you the case study.

  4. 28 courses in 6 months for one employee.
    We have quite a few examples of real life usage and benefits. I like this one in particular – who would have thought we could justify an employee completing 28 four-six hour course courses in 6 months during working time? :

    < Call center specialist Alva Zaiden has taken on other areas of expertise designed to use the best of E-Learning's offerings. She is directing her efforts toward Microsoft applications and Excel in particular.

    Alva, who could easily be the poster child for life-long learning, spoke enthusiastically about the E-Learning site. She is currently taking classes outside the company in stained glass, wood carving and western line dancing. At the company, she works on e-learning courses between calls and finds that in these small sections she can finish a class in short order.

    “You make time – 15 minutes here – a half hour there. You don’t have to sit for four hours straight,” Alva said. “You can start and stop and just do a few sections at a time.

    “It sometimes feels that our clients don’t realize the depth of our knowledge, but we bring a wide variety of skills to help our users. E-Learning helps you enhance what you know and broadens your horizons. It helps you put a lot of new tools in your tool belt and that is what our company is all about. You can go as far as you want to go.”

    Why is Alva so enthusiastic about the tool? “I have learned something new in every job that I have ever had and learning new things is very important to me. When I know what I am doing, I can shorten the time it takes for my calls and that gets my customers back to work sooner. I can take a class when I want it, not when someone else schedules it and I can retake tests and review material until I get it right.

    Alva’s team leader said ‘We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from our clients about how well Zaiden and the team can support their issues. This is directly down to the e-learning classes they have been completing.” Alva has so far completed 28 courses in 6 months. >

  5. Different types of success
    Our company works extensively with small colleges and universities. Success for these small institutions might consist of attracting 50 more enrollments per year, reducing paper costs, making better use of their classroom space, etc. That said there are dozens of success stories among large education providers in North America like U Mass, Ohio State, U Phoenix (if you consider that a university). We actually have two independent PhD’s who built and offered their own courses on animal psychology over the summer and have filled them both this fall and for this January.

    The point is there are plenty of large and small and very small success stories.


  6. Learndirect success
    We have a number of very successful case studies available, if you would like me to send you more details please do not hesitate to contact me – or visit our website for short case study examples.

    We do have examples which include ROI figures.

  7. E Learning success stories – suggestion
    For soft skills E-Learning, you should check out The Speaker’s Studio.

    They provide training in presentation and public speaking but they have an E Learning system – The Speaker’s Studio Online – which is free and available to everyone.

    You need to be working on a real speech or presentation but it is certainly an interesting model of learning, with much wider application I would have thought.


  8. passing your theory
    We created a website called which trains people to pass their driving theory test. It is the only site of its type that uses elearning as well as testing. It’s also a VERY rare example of high quality voiceover-driven elearning delivered over the internet.

    We recently surveyed our members and found that around 85% felt that this combination of elearning and testing was crucial to their success. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing the elearning and I’ll set you up with an account.

    Kevin Partner


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