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eLearning and Knowledge Management


I am investigating opportunities to integrate some of the principles of knowledge management and eLearning within an organisation. Can anyone suggest any good books, resources, case studies, tools or techniques to show successful integration. Taking the high-level view that KM is about the storage and retrieval of tacit/explicit knowledge and eLearning is the practical application and use of the same tacit/explicit knowledge, how do we truly enable the flow and ebb of our knowledge and expertise from experienced practitioners to novices.
Katherine Chapman

9 Responses

  1. THE KM book
    The best book I’ve come across so far on all the ins and outs of implementing a KM programme – and what you do with it – has to be

    The Knowledge Management Fieldbook, by Wendi R. Bukowitz and Ruth L. Williams

    Good luck

  2. Free guide for those considering implementing an e-learning prog
    We’ve just published a free guide, which contains useful information for anyone considering introducing e-learning. From Monday you’ll be able to download it direct from our website at If you’d like a copy earlier than that, send me an email, and I’ll email a copy straight back.

  3. KM & the professional
    The short answer to your query is, “find yourself an information professional such as a Chartered Librarian or other information specialist”.

    Such people are qualified in information/knowledge management techniques from organising an information centre to information retrieval techniques and are customer-centred to boot (or do I mean book?)

    Depending where you are, your local library and information service may be able to second someone to do the initial consultancy work.

    John Hughes
    Chartered Librarian (!)

  4. Thanks for the comments so far
    Thankyou for the responses to date on my query, some very useful sources and resources. I probably should point out that my organisation does have a significant Knowledge Management function and I am in discussions with my own group right now. What I am really looking for is some creative ways to practically bring together some of the the current trends in eLearning and Knowledge Management. For example, to encourage and demonstrate that ‘learning’ does not just happen through a structured event (online or classroom) but that we can use the knowledge captured through our KM processes to deliver just in time nuggets of learning. Any ideas…

  5. Proactive support for e-learning through KM
    I hope the summary above now gets to the crux of your query.

    It may be to do with relating colleagues’ recent information searches to other information that they would find helpful.

    If that’s the case then your information database requires interrogation analysis so that:

    a) related information can be offered to relevant enquirers

    b) staff with responsibility for maintaining the database can identify gaps through failed interrogations and improve its quality through acquisition/purchasing processes

    In this way the database becomes truly intelligent and interactive.

    It’s an “added value” process that librarians and other information professionals have always offered whether through conventional cataloguing and stock acquisition or database management.

    With apologies if I’m off message.

    John Hughes

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