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eLearning In A Multi-Device World


The multi-device world is well and truly upon us. We are all using 2 or more devices in a day. As a matter of fact, in our recent webinars on Responsive eLearning, one of our polls showed that audience members were using an average of 3+ devices in a day.

Simultaneously, we're also getting used to seamless access to content across our multiple devices – think Dropbox, Kindle etc.

A recent survey on American adults reported:

Responsive eLearning

This multi-device world is leading to a responsive web. You find more and more websites becoming responsive and delivering a great experience on all devices. They're also relatively future friendly in terms of expected compatibility with any new devices that may be released in the market in future.

A good example is our own website - I encourage you to load this site and then play with the window size of your browser to see how the site responds.

Jeffrey Veen, CEO & Cofounder of Typekit and author of The Art and Science of Web Design says:

"Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come."

The same holds for the need for responsive eLearning too. While the web started becoming responsive a few years ago, eLearning is just beginning to move in that direction now.

The key benefits that responsive eLearning can bring are:

1.   A single source solution which is cheaper to create and manage

2.   Enhanced reach to your mobile workforce and increased uptake

3.   Ability for employees to access eLearning on their own devices

4.   Ability for employees to access eLearning outside office hours including during travel and waiting times

5.   Making (compliance) training programs more convenient to complete

6.   Ability to track your eLearning program completions or results across device types

7.   Ability for employees to continue their learning experience from one device to another through bookmarking via an LMS

With more and more enterprises wanting to put their eLearning on tablets and mobiles, I think 2014 will turn out to be the year of responsive eLearning. We’re ready for that with our own Framework for Responsive eLearning Development - FRED, which makes responsive eLearning design and development easy, less costly, and reliable.

One Response

  1. Compliance training on the go?

    Hi there, great post!

    I couldn't agree more that responsive eLearning is key to matching the needs of the evolving learner. I also believe that the key benefits you listed are very much on point. The only one I was hoping to gain more clarity on was "#5 Making (compliance) training programs more convenient to complete". 

    At Wavicle (, we obsess on creating engaging context for training content – such as game-based eLearning – which can be taken on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. This makes it more exciting and convenient for the learner to consume it. Convenience is a key factor for mobile delivery and while this works for most types of training, can it really work for compliance? 

    I guess we need to take a step back and define a bit more specifically if you mean training or training and assessment. In my experience, unless there is a human to proctor the compliance training, you cannot say with certainty that the learner has taken the training themselves or without outside help. 

    While the mobile device could be programmed to snap pictures at random times during the training to ensure it is the correct learner, and even pinpoint their exact location with GPS from the device, wouldn't it be impossible to know if the learner is being passed notes or has someone answering the questions for them from behind the camera?

    Thanks! Look forward to your response!

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