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I have a group of hospitality staff from a luxury hotel who have an 'attitude' towards their guests. They know what is expected of them but 'choose' when and where they behave to that high standard. I am looking for an exercise with shock-value to jolt them into thinking about how the customer perceives them. Any suggestions?

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  1. Line Management?
    Maddie – I don’t know the full details of the situation you face here and obviously in the context of TZ ‘Any Answers’ we only get the bare bones. But I did have an immediate reaction to your plight which might be worth thinking about.

    It boils down to one simple question: What is the line manager doing about this situation?

    Clearly as you have stated the individuals have the necessary Knowledge & Skills because they “‘choose’ when and where they behave to that high standard.”

    So has the line manager given them direct, unambiguous feedback that their behaviour is unacceptable? And then explained constructively what they must do in future and the implications of not taking the appropriate action? And then followed through on it?

    The issue for me where the intended target group has the requisite Knowledge and Skills (which I presume is correct based on your input here) would not be to create an event ‘with shock-value to jolt them into thinking about how the customer perceives them’ because the affect of that would I believe be only short term. Very short, probably lasting up until the minute they returned back into the workplace. If the situation is as I have describe it I would be doing more research into discovering why this group is so unconcerned about how their line manager perceives them.

    Sometimes trainers and developers are asked to address the wrong issues with training which will have no impact on the real problem. In those circumstances and if this is the case, I would suggest telling the powers that be that training would be a waste of your time and the companies money. I have a really useful flowchart which I would be very happy to send you which illustrates very clearly when training has a role to play and the role and function that line managers should be taking before they resort to training. If you contact me I will happily send you a copy.

  2. Consisten customer service
    Perhaps you could get your delegates to write the customer service policy. That way they take ownership.

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