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Energiser to demonstrate a learning theory


I am designing a course for L&D people on learning theories.  Does anyone have any energisers that could be used that would demonstrate a learning theory e.g. social learning, behavourist, situated learning etc

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  1. why “energiser”….

    can I ask why you use the term "energiser" here; it suggests that you have specific parameters for the activity, is this correct?


  2. Energiser to demonstrate a learning theory

    The only parameter really would be time, I would like the activity to be a chance for learners to discover for themselves how a particular learning theory works. This would ideally be no more than 5 – 10 minutes duration.

  3. Theorists & Paradigms


    This exercise might work 

    Divide the group into groups of 4 – 6. Give each group a pad of large size post-it-notes and marker pens (a different colour for each group). Explain that we all have different preferences about the Adult Learning Environment, for example: Fun and humour; Hands on practice; etc. etc.  Ask them in their groups to discuss and list as many factors as they can think of, one per post-it-note. Allow about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes and just before you stop the exercise attach the following paradigm headings on flipchart paper around the room. 
    B.F. Skinner, Ivan Pavlov et al
    Gagne, Briggs, Wager, J Bruner et al
    Vygotsky, Piaget, Dewey, Bruner et al
    Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Malcolm Knowles et al
    Ask the groups to take their post-it-notes and stick them under the appropriate heading, allow up to 5 minutes. Question/correct any errors or misconceptions and open up into a discussion.
    Additional alternative:  You could facilitate and praise one group above the others and see whether they produce better results (Skinner/Pavlov)
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