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Ian Stone

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Organisational Development Manager

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Equality & Diversity (Themed) Session Starter (Induction)


I am looking for some low-tech session starters I can up/down scale depending on numbers with an equality and diversity theme.

The target audience will be new starters and the workshop as a whole aims to provide facts, figures, information and an awareness of the locality, organisational E&D policies and a quick overview of various strands of equalities.

I am looking for a fun introduction to set the scene and to enable a group (varying in size from six up to around 20) to introduce themselves.

Any answers would be most welcome!

I've trawled through energiser/shaker/intro guides and so far found nothing that's made me go 'ooo'.

Can the community do what the major training 'game' authors have failed to do?  Can you make me go 'ooo'?

Many thanks.

6 Responses

  1. Guardian ad

    Hi Ian

    There was an excellent advert TV used by The Guardian to challenge assumptions and prejudices. It’s still relevant now and can be found at

    You could play the first 10 seconds and ask people to suggest what they think is happening.

    Then play the next section and ask them to suggest again.

    Then play the final part

    Have they changed their story? What assumptions/prejudices did it bring out?

    The whole advert is only 30 seconds so it’s not too arduous


  2. That’s fantastic!



    That clip is brilliant… certainly gets people thinking down a prejudicial route and then challenges their assumptions brilliantly.  Thank you.  That will certainly be making an appearance in the programme.

  3. I like this very much

    I do like this one… again, perceptions are challenged, but in a direct way.


    The fact that many people walked away rather than sitting in a room full of biker’s is interesting.


    Thank you.

  4. Intros


    For an intro exercise here are a couple of options:

    a) getting everyone up and milling about. The task is to introduce yourself to three other people and be able to say how we are similar and how we are different (just one example of each). 3 x 2mins. When back in their seats ask for a couple of examples from around the room of some differences that they found would be beneficial for the group / for the course. 

    b) get some ‘cuttings’ – extracts from key documents, cuttings from local newspapers, some organisational facts and figures – and lay them out on a large table. Get each person to select a cutting that has some surprising information, something the like or something they assocaite with. Then ask people to introduce themselves to the group (name, where they work, etc.) and finishing on the cutting they chose and why they chose it.

    Not sure either will give an ‘ooo’ but they may be options if you can’t find anything better


    Graham O’Connell

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Ian Stone

Organisational Development Manager

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