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Exercise for showing leadership styles


I am looking for exercises/ideas that will show people their leadership styles in practice. All contributions will be appreciated.


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  1. Leadership Styles questionnaires

    Hi Jarlath

    I have used the Leadership style questionnaires supplied by LPT Productions based in Scotland. They are based on John Adair's 3 circle model (task-team-individual) and are produced for different levels of leaders. Worth a try. They are about £5 each from memory

    Bryan – course delivery and materials design

  2. Hi Bryan

    Hi Bryan

    That is very good of you, thanks. Ultimately, what I am looking for are exercises, etc that will bring home to people the style that the completed questionnaire will have revealed and possible exercises to challenge their least dominant styles.

    Best regards.


  3. pick a task

    If you are after getting individuals to reflect back on their actions and determine which leadership style they demonstrated I would suggest asking them to lead a team for a 20 minute task and then reflect on it afterwards and also gain feedback from the team and/or observers. 

    The task can be anything from building a tower out of balloons or creating a poster for a new product, anything that is outside of their normal duties and gets them thinking about how they perform leadership would work. 

  4. Reds & Blues

    Hi Jarlath,

    Leading on from what Scott said, you could try the Reds & Blues game – this page has a very thorough guide on it:

    It is meant to be used for negotiation skills, but I've found that with a little tweaking, it can be used to demonstrate quite a lot of stuff. From observing it in the past, you will typically end up with a couple of individuals in either group who will become quite domineering and start trying to use peer pressure to push through their own decisions, some who will become passive, and others who will run the gamut in between. The questions to consider at the end might be helpful as well.



  5. Exercises that manifest Leadership Style Questionnaires

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my request – all your contributions are valued.

    Best regards.


  6. Experiential learning

    Hi Jalrath


    We put leaders in unfamilure situations, so they can't use their professional experience to lead a team through the challenge we set them. When people are left with only their instincts, you can expose the core leadership qualities a person has without them knowing.

    Of course the process must be highly facilitated by experts to gain the maximum from the experience.




  7. One of the most traits which

    One of the most traits which are being required in our daily life is the leadership quality. We need to brace our self so that we could learn different new techniques to sustain our leadership skills. In order to learn different leadership skills we need to go through different leadership exercise we need to learn out different techniques for these leadership styles.

  8. Leadership Style

    Hi Jarlath

    Action Centred Leadership (ACL) is the framework you need.  Flexible, proven, practical, simple yet not simplistic, it allows leaders to develop their skills and their own style.

    Much of the good advice written above is rooted in the principles of ACL.

    Happy to help if you want more info.


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