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Exercise to help demonstrate ‘What is Management?’


 It's their 1st session and I'm looking for an exercise to demonstrate to them what Management is. I have 12 delegates and a Maximum of 2 maximum(it doesn't have to be 2 hours). 

Do any of you have any you could share?

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  1. Or leadership vs management ..?

    Howie, I can suggest an exercise which looks at the difference between  leadership and management, would that help?

  2. Dictionary definition

    Hi Howie

    Chambers Dictionary defines management as "the skill or practice of controlling, directing or planning something, especially a commercial enterprise or activity"

    Within their department/function what would they be doing that falls into each of those 3 categories, where would they need to get results through their team, what could they delegate, what would they be accountable/responsible for



  3. Some film suggestions

     When I first started out on the management track, my boss showed me clips from two films, which showed bad and good management practice which was fascinating and really stuck. He showed a couple fo short excerpts.

    The first (and example of bad management) was the way Paul Newman managed Tom Cruise in The Colour of Money.

    The second (good example) was the way Mr Miagi (sp?) taught/managed the boy in The Karate Kid (original version), this showed how initially he was very prescriptive, but as time wears on he let’s him make his own decisions.

    Anyway just some additional ideas for you – good luck.


  4. a little couple of little thoughts…..

    here are two scenarios where the meaning of the same word has very different connotations….

    q. "Hi mate, how are you doing?"

    a. "I’m managing crowd control for the Royal Wedding in Spring"


    q. "Hi mate, how are you doing"?"

    a. "Oh, I’m managing"



    a leader leads followers……"followers" is a description that implies and active verb

    a manager manages the managed….."the managed" is a description that implies a passive non-verb




  5. In a similar vein to Rus

    I ask new managers to consider when they’re ‘managing’ and when they’re ‘coping’.  This facilitates a discussion around recognising what prompts the coping instinct, when they’re over stretched, etc.  I ask the group to create a personal list of the areas of their work when ‘managing’ or when ‘coping’.  Each person’s list may be different but familiar themes come up in the coping side.  These include:

    Finance and Budgets
    Managing Sickness
    Delegation skills

    With your time constraints, you might want to try something similar as a TNA tool.

  6. I’d go with Sue’s idea

    I think Sue’s idea is straight and to the point, interactive and would make people sit up and take part. I’d go with that.


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