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Exercises for Time Management Course



I am looking for some exercises I can use within a 1 day course on time management. Ideally the exercises will cover reflection, planning, doing and interacting.

Many thanks.

Jarlath Duffy
jarlath duffy

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  1. A simple time matrix
    I get learners to see how they spend their time and look at time stealers and prioritisation.

    Draw a matrix on the wall ask them in team to list what they do under:

    a) Important & Urgent
    b) Important not urgent
    c) Urgent not important
    d) Neither urgent & important

    Many people try to put everything in a)it is nec. for them to think what really is important and urgent.

  2. Timed Test
    I have a great exercise you can use for an energiser/introductory exercise. It is a timed test that each person does individually. The learning points are around accuracy versus speed. It takes about 5 mins (30 secs if they read the instructions properly!)and is good fun. Email me on [email protected] if you would like it.
    p.s. if anyone else reading this would also like a copy do let me know!

  3. Exercises on Time Management
    I use a Time Robbers exercise that asks delegates to identify their time thieves, whether they are Self Imposed (S.I.) or Imposed by Others (I.B.O.)and the reason for the time robber. It’s really important to identify the reason, so we get a solution that fits e.g. someone plagued by interruptions during the working day could be from casual visitors at the work station or it could be because the office is noisy with team members having loud conversations across desks.

    I ask the delegates to record their time robbers on laminated ‘brick like’cards (for which if anyone is interested I can send a template – just email me at [email protected]), and build a ‘Time Robber brick wall’ by blu-tacking to wall (you can end up with up to 30 ‘bricks’ from a group of 6 or 7 delegates – most bizarre time thief I’ve ever come across is ‘Hangovers’!)

    After some theory, we go back to the bricks and ask delegates to choose the ones they want solutions for. Delegates work in small groups doing flipcharts of solutions (encourage them to discuss detail e.g. if you need to get a message across to someone what words would you use?; if it’s interruptions at the desk, what body language would you use?; if you need to influence the boss, exactly how would you do that? etc).

    Once flips are done, I ask groups to visit flipcharts and critique other groups’ work with a flipchart pen, then we discuss.

    Finally, post workshop, we type up the flips and send them back to delegates, to feed into their action plans (again, I would be happy to supply anyone intereseted with a set of solutions from a recent workshop – let me know on [email protected]).

    The exercise is visual, gets people on their feet, and discussions can be become very lively when people start challlenging suggested solutions.
    Hope that helps
    Happy Days!

  4. Time Management Exercise

    Hi – I would love to see this exercise as I am currently putting together a one day course


    Many thanks


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