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experience about dealing with resistance at trainings groups. Any good creative idea?


I have to prepare an experience about dealing with resistance at trainings groups. Any good creative idea?

 thanks!! Tali.

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  1. resistance to what?
    it depends what is being resisted;
    the content of the training?
    the credentials of the trainer?
    the make up of the group?
    the need for training?
    the lack of management support or presence?
    the venue?
    the training style/media being used?

    if you can expand I’m sure the forum will find it easier to provide you with more useable answers
    or when it is resistance to cake!

  2. Resistance in training groups
    Hi Tali
    It’s a good question. I sometimes pigeon hole my delegates into ‘willing participants’, ‘holiday makers’ and ‘prisoners’. Sometimes the prisoners can be disinterested and relatively cooperative. It’s the prisoners intent on winding the prison warder up who make challenging training events, but I don’t get them very often.

    Have a look at a handout at : scroll down to ‘Dealing with the opinionated’ for some tips and tactics about how best to deal with this type.
    Happy Days!

  3. resistance to training

    Hi Tali

    I agree with Russ that it’s important to find out what the resistance is about.  Having said that you may not always have control over the reasons and therefore have to manage resistance anyway.

    We use brain friendly learning principles and find that resistance melts quite quickly when you get people engaged, understanding the benefits to them – and distracted from their resistance by immediately learning something useful that will help them back in the real world.

    The physical and emotional environment that you create as a trainer has a major impact – starting before anyone arrives with you; e.g. the tone of the invitation you send to the learning event, the information you provide to help people arrive feeling calm rather than pressured, pre-information that gives them some tips to start with, the room layout …  loads more ideas.

    There are some practical ideas about what you can do in a report called ‘Use your Brain: 9 compelling reasons for brain friendly learning in your business.’ at

    and I’m happy to provide more ideas if you want them –  I ran a session called from Dungeon to Delight last week which might give you some more ideas.

    warm regards,

    Stella Collins


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