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Fad or Fab – PC monitors within desks?


I'm setting up a new IT Training room with a new employer. I see in Octobers IT Training magazine (page 63)at least one supplier who makes desks where the PC monitor sits within the desk and the user views it through a glass panel (ala Nine O'Clock news). There seem to be some pluses but also minuses.
Has anyone had practical experience of using this idea, and could offer some pro's and cons to help my decision on whether its a reasonable option?
With thanks.
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Paul Bedwell

3 Responses

  1. Monitors in desks
    We had one such desk here at WG and when we had a safety audit we were told it did not comply with government guidlelines on VDU’s and their use. Whether this is true or not yuo would have to look into it, I don’t know. But I also have a colleague who uses one of these desks at home and there doesn’t seem to me much wrong with it, you soon get used to the orientation and its definite security plus because no one appears to have a monitor or PC on their desks.

  2. Definitely a FAD

    I have had experience of using them both as a user and trainer and my experience is that they are both uncomfortable and impractical. They look wonderful and avoid the psychological barriers of some training rooms.

    There are other, and in my opinion better, ways of overcoming them, however, and if you would like to discuss the options, call me on 01759 304321 or email me at [email protected].

    Good luck.

    Jooli Atkins

  3. PC Training Tables

    I used to work for a company that fitted out its IT training room with H-shaped tables, where the participant sits in the bottom of the H with the table wrapping around them, giving lots of space for documentation, writing materials and the flexibility to have the mouse on either side! The screen was in the top of the H, with the base of the monitor below the surface of the desk, but the top of the monitor raised a little above the surface.

    My optician once told me that monitors should always be placed as low as possible, as our eyes focus more easily when we look downwards. I don’t know how true that is, but as a course participant, I found the table very comfortable to use, and a lot less cluttered than a standard table.

    As a trainer, it was great not to look out at a wall of monitors, but to be able to see the people behind them.

    I don’t know who the suppliers were, neither do I know whether they conform to health & safety guidelines, but they seemed like a great idea to me!

    [email protected]


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