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Feedback on new site to showcase freelance trainers


We have developed a new online tv channel in the series called to showcase our talented freelance trainers to Training Managers, HR managers, Training Providers, Universities, Colleges, Schools, SMEs, Training Video Production Companies and eLearning and vLearning developers across the UK, US and the UAE.

We would be very interested in your feedback on the site and how we can improve it prior to it's April launch.

We'll make free professional showreels for freelance trainers appearing on the site

We are proposing to make free professional showcase videos for all freelance trainers (like the videos already on the site) in our London Studios, and just charge a modest £50/month to host it on the site plus 1-% of the bookings we generate. 

Do you think this is a good and fair business model?

We have also developed a sister site called for those interested in Public Speaking. We will not charge any extra to appear on that site too just perhaps a % of booking fees generated.

We would welcome your opinions before we start our April Marketing and Promotion campaign. Thanks in advance.

Peter Middleton, publisher [email protected]

PS you might also be interested in taking a look at (over 3,000 free-to-view training and advisory videos)

5 Responses

  1. Any colour as long as its black


    Great idea. My feedback with a ‘trainers hat’ on is:

    • £50 seems reasonable
    • Not sure what I would say in my 3 minute video that would differentiate me from the next trainer or the trainer before – unless I was advertising my niche training e.g. sales training


    My Feedback with my corporate hat on, as a buyer of training:

    • Not sure a busy training leader would have the time or patience to search through dozens of clips of trainers who are all more or less saying the same thing – ‘pick me’. Only proviso is that you have a robust search engine. E.g 1 if I am seeking a presentation skills trainer in Edinburgh then the search engine should allow me to filter all the trainers in your system and I get to see only the clips of presentation skills trainers based in Edinburgh. E.g. 2 I am interested in trainers who have experience training in the financial services industry, thus I would need a search engine that filters based on that.
    • Most large organisations have contracts with preferred suppliers so why would a busy training leader want to search through your video clips? What ‘extra’ does your product offer?
    • If you are targetting SMEs who do not have contracts with existing suppliers and are in the market to ‘spot buy’ training as and when needed then your product (with a robust search engine) would be of value – always nice to ‘see’ the trainer before making a buying decision.

    Hope my comments help.

  2. Thanks for your input!


    Your input was insigntful and extremely useful.

    We will immeditely add a simple search engine to search my topic and region. Do you think it should also search by price?

    The site will be aimed at SMEs, universities, colleges, schools, event organisers, training providers, video production companies and corporates, all of which have requirements for trainers not just to deliver training but to develop training material and present on camera where a cerain look or style is needed.

    As publishers of online tv channels and vLearning programs ourselves being able to see the trainers in action is essential and we pick from the pool of trainers on our sites.

    I dont think we want trainers to sell themselves in their clips but just give an excerpt of their best training material so watching the video has educational benefit rather than just promotion, just like the clips already on the site.

    Do you think that in addition to the £50/month, we could charge the trainers 10% of any bookings that come through the site.

    As a gesture of thanks you are welcome to come along to our studio to be filmed and I will put you on the aite for free for 3 months, with no obligation, so you can see if it is a benefit to you. If you want to take up the offer call me on 07885 468674 and I will let you know the next studio dates.

    Thanks Again!


  3. Delegates

    My first thought when I read this was…

    If I was assessing a Trainer I would be looking at the delegates not the Trainer.

    The Trainers words and actions are completely irrelevant (apart from innapropriate bad words and tennis ball use…this would be picked up in the audio!) and can only be judged by how engaged the delegates are.

    Barack Obama would be completely captivating but it doesn’t mean to say anyone is listening or more importantly, learning anything, which is afterall why we attend Training courses.



  4. Beauty Pageant

    I agree with Steve above. I would get no more than a surface view of a trainer after a load of trawling. Plus I could shoot something of similar quality, bang it up on YouTube for less than you’re charging AND not have to give you 10% of any future contracts.

    Also, the site keeps bugging out and crashing on me.

    Sorry to sound so ranty, but this attempt at corralling the Social Network side of things seems to defeat the very spirit that social networking was founded on.

  5. Nick Bolton
    I just watched 4 videos.

    1 of them, Nick Bolton, was very impressive so despite my previous comments I would hire him just on the basis of this video.

    The other 3 would be better keeping quiet because they were cringeworthy so I would suggest that anyone who goes on this site needs to be good!

    I actually think its a good idea now but for skills sharing rather than promoting freelance trainers.

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