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First Ever Trainer Tools Podcast


John Tomlinson has launched Trainer Tools a podcast web site where John interviews training practioners and talks to them about their favourite approach, tool, exercise or topic and gets them to share their methodology and experiences.

It's a really clever idea and the site allows you to download the podcasts so you can listen to them at any time, journey home, in the car etc.

Take a look

13 Responses

  1. Great idea but…

    Great idea and as far as I know (apart from YouTube) there is nothing else like it.

    Some positive feedback I hope…

    1) The podcast is too long. I gave up after 4 minutes. Even if I listened in the car I need to feel I'm learning something new very quickly or it's unlikely I will listen to the end.

    2) Many references to "heavy" sessions and "heavy" training? I don't think any training should be "heavy"…that's just badly designed training and an "Energiser"  is trying to solve a problem that shouldn't be there in the first place?

  2. Thank You For The Feedback

    I'll pass your comments on to John, Steve. I concur on the 2nd point and disagree on the 1st.

    I liked the longer format as it allows for expansion, development and contextualisation, this may just be a reflection of different approaches to absorbing learning.

    I agree whole heartedly on the second point, it appears to address a symptom rather than a root cause. 

  3. Next Releae Dates

    FYI: Having corresponded with John he has informed me that the next podcasts will be released on the 10th and 25th of each month.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks a lot for

    Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your feedback.

    Although I agree with Garry about the longer format (I'm also aware that I love audio, which perhaps isn't for everyone), I think you're right that the first cast is overlong for the content. At the time of recording I thought it was important to be 25 minutes long, but having recorded a few now, I think the content should dictate the length, be that shorter or longer.

    The next one is slightly longer, but I think it covers a very interesting and provocative topic and it doesn't feel overlong.

    Thanks again for listening and for your feedback

  5. Thanks Garry … and Steve,

    Thanks Garry … and Steve, if you'd be interesting in contributing, please let me know!

  6. Time

    Hi John

    I think the solution is to state the time on the recording, a bit like TED Talks. That way you get people like me who are quite happy with 3 minutes and others who don't mind the 45 minute versions!

    As for contributing…let me think on that one and listen to your next two installments. Most of my thoughts are not "mainstream" so people would be logging off before the 3 minutes are up!

  7. Mainstream

    I doubt that Steve – I think people are interested hear none mainstream views if only as a foil and counterpoint to everything else we hear and watch. I'd encourage you to participate.

  8. I agree with Garry, non

    I agree with Garry, non-mainstream is fine. I am interested in exposing a range of viewpoints and ideas.

    The next cast is certainly not mainstream.

  9. Topics

    Training /  L&D is quite a big subject? How do your Podcasters decide what to talk about?

    Many subjects, in fact most subjects I can think of don't lend themselves to "hearing" about, I would need to show you.

    Perhaps we can put it to the TZ community to suggest topics of interest? 

  10. This is the advice John is

    This is the advice John is currently providing on what to discuss:

    It's a 25(ish) minute podcast (can be shorter) where I interview L&D professionals and they tell me about a specific "tool" that other L&D people can use. The idea is to benefit everyone by making workplace training and learning more effective – it's also good personal branding and advertising. All it takes is you having Skype and a bit of time to plan what you'd want to say and then for us to record it. If you have a microphone that plugs into the USB port all the better, but if not you can use the inbuilt mike.

    When I say "tool" I mean ..
    – Something you do on training courses, like a particular ice-breaker, energiser or way of dealing with a situation (explaining the mechanics, what might go wrong, how to handle it etc.)
    – An evaluation or analysis technique or tool – A particular way of communicating a common training theme (e.g. the three Vs of comms)
    – Something like a top three (three ways to divide the delegates up, three ways to sum up at the end) – Some other form of top three tips (e.g. top three tips for dealing wth disruptive delegates)
    – A review of something like a book, website, other resource or software
    – A model/theory – and then also its application in the training room, design phase, evaluation etc. (may run over multiple casts) That sort of thing
    – really anything that will be useful and interesting for other trainers.

    The structure I use is roughly …

    – Intro to the show and who you are
    – Brief overview, explaining what you're going to go through, ideally in numbered steps we can keep referring back to so people don't lose their place
    – Go through each step in detail – This may include not just how to do it, but also likely pitfalls, times not to do it, anecdotes of when you've used it and it worked or didn't etc.
    – Summary

  11. Training Needs

    With my training / learning needs head on…

    331 reads and not 1 comment or suggestion possibly indicates nobody is interested or needs this information?


  12. Episode Two

    Just to let you know, Episode 2 is now out! I think it's quite an interesting topic about the role of trainers in the organisation, and in the training room. I hope you like it.

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Garry Platt

Senior Consultant

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