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Fun Sales Exercises


Does anyone have any fun sales exercises or know of any good resources for Sales training (Basic).

I am struggling to find resources to integrate into an in house training programme.

Steve Mosley

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  1. Games For Sales Trainers
    Hi Steve,
    Why don’t you try getting hold of a copy of The Big Book of Sales Training Games or Games For Sales Trainers? Both should be available through Amazon.

    If these don’t have what you’re looking for, get in touch and I’ll see if I have anything specific that would work for you in my resource databank.



  2. Games for sales training
    Hi Steve,

    try this one: Have small cards and on each is one word or a phrase. Give 6 cards to each delegate but put them face down until you tell them to begin. In pairs the delegates have to describe to each other what’s on each card, without using any of the words. E.G. The word ‘windows’ could be described as ‘You look through them and they are made of glass’.

    Use an egg timer or clock and give the group 1 minute to guess as many as possible before changing round to give their partner a turn.
    The objective of this exercise is to develop good concise communication skills, listening skills and to understand that people see things in different ways.

  3. sales warmup
    Here’s a suggestion…

    Create two sets of cards. On one write a silly object/product. You can have some fun making up useless (or what you think is useless) items to sell. These can either be made-up [ex. bank account for dogs] or items that are non-related such as kitchen items for car manufactors [ex. poached egg timer or hard shell crab hammers].

    On the other card write the name of a business or target market [ex. department of defense or single mothers of Omaha].

    Hand out the cards in random order, 1 product and 1 company. Challenge each group or participant to come up with 5 ideas on how to best sell the items to the company. Encourage them to have fun and be creative. Have them share their solutions.

    Sales persons with experience can rely on their knowledge, those new to sales can show off their creativity. The outcomes are always interesting.

    good luck.


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