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Owen Smith

Burberry Ltd

Service & Productivity Manager - Emerging Markets

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Furniture Sales Training


I am looking for recommendations for someone who could support with the creation and delivery of furniture sales training for frontline retail staff. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to grow our business, so we are very open to new ideas. However, it is important that any potential providers have demonstrable results in this area, in particular linked to furniture sales, or very similar.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Owen Smith

7 Responses

  1. Achieve Global


    I used Achieve Global to deliver sales training to over 300 people. They were expensive but excellent. They have a 3-day programme called Professional Selling Skills. For a little extra I think they could amend their examples to furniture sales.

    I used to work in the logistics industry so when they did the work for me one of their designers spent time finding out about how sales were made in the industry and then amended the course accordingly. Obviously with 300 people to train the design cost was justified. If you only have 20-30 people to train then the cost of tailoring their course could be prohibitive.

  2. Sales training or furniture sales training

     Hi Owen

    My title I think says it all.  The basics of sales training is pretty generic in whatever sector you are involved in and only starts to be specific when you move upwards to looking at sales methodologies (Miller-Heiman etc), key account management and the like.

    If your staff are on the shop floor and have not had any or limited sales training I would go back to basics. Conduct some mystery shopping first to gain an idea of what they are or are not doing and start from there.  

    I would look at the people who will be doing the sales as well – it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! I did some ‘sales’ training for CADW last year and they wanted people to up-sell on the brochures, magazines and membership.  Many felt uncomfortable at doing this as they saw themselves as ‘helpers’ rather than ‘sales’ people.  I changed the workshop title to ‘customer service’ training and introduced the suggestion that by offering membership, magazines etc they were in fact being more helpful to people!

    A this level they already had product and brand awareness and a passion for what they did  – just as I imaging your frontline staff already have.  The added touch was in producing excellent communicators who pass that message on.

    Drop me a line if you want to discuss further,

    Andrew Miller CLP



  3. Retail sales

    Hi Owen

    I have a lot of experience in training sales in a consumer environment, from selling driving lessons to selling white and brown goods.

    Would be happy to talk off-line. Contact me on

  4. Bespoke design

    Hi Owen,

    I can’t say that I’ve experience in furniture sales, but I have written bespoke sales programmes for a whole range of businesses and products including household electricals, houses, and spectacles! Rather than potentially engage half a dozen different trainers running vaguely similar programmes, you may wish to consider having a bespoke programme written, which can then be run by trainers with experience in retail/furniture sales.

    This allows you to retain control of the content, make clear links to internal processes, procedures and terminology, keep all workshops consistent in terms of messages and approach, and makes evaluation easier. Trainers also benefit by not having to design a course – they simply have to familiarise themselves with the content (and as such, you should be able to negotiate a lower daily rate). Of course, longer-term, this option also allows you to use internal trainers e.g. for mop-ups, which can make the whole thing a lot more cost effective.

    If you want to explore this option, then please email/phone me directly. No obligation of course.

    Sheridan Webb

    Keystone Development


  5. Sales Training Inquiry

    Hi Owen:  I would like to let you know a little bit about what I am all about. My passion and enthusiasm has always been teaching and coaching in the Furniture, appliance, electronics industry After completeing 12 years of being a leader in selling Furniture appliances on a sales floor, I was asked by the CEO of the largest furniture company in Canada to head up their newly formed Franchise division. They had 2 franchisees at the time doing approximately 3 million dollars a year. To make along story short, in 12 years I had placed 24 additional franchise store from coast to coast in Canada with sales in excess of 100 million dollars. I was then promoted to National Sales Manager in charge of training and coaching over 700 sales associate right across Canada.

    I subsequenly retired in 2005 and took it upon myself to write and publish a book entitled "So You Think You Can Sell" that I  use periodically in  teaching seminars

    My latest project is video-taping my complete seminar which is comprised of approximately 25 modules (3 hours)that covers the entire sales process from the time a sales associate awakes in the morning till the time they go to bed in the evening. Some of the very necessary modules taught are Neuro Linguistic Progrsmming, transactional analysis, the power of focus, qualifying customers appropriately, overcoming objections closing the sale using the sell-back technique and the very important after sale contact.

    Additionally I also have a separate DVD of approximately 70 case studies for class-room training for newky hired sales associates as well as the veterans with suggested answers for each case study. All of these DVD’s will be ready for marketing in about 2-3 months.

    As you can tell I am sure, I live, eat, sleep and breath furniture, appliance and electronics sales coaching and training.

    My curiosity was peaked when I read you request for an individual that could support front line furniture training.

    If you would kindly let me know in more detail what you are expecting of such an individual it would be greatly appreciated. I know beyand a doubt thet I can be of assistance to you in reaching your goals and ambitions

    Sincerely William Bruce Stevens (Bruce S)

    Hoping I’ll hear from you soon.





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Owen Smith

Service & Productivity Manager - Emerging Markets

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