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Games for HR/Trainers!


I am looking for something a bit different to do as an energiser at the end of our HR/Training Team away day - most of the guys have seen a lot of these team building/energisers so I was hoping for something fun, participative, active...but nothing that forces people out there as some of the team are quite timid.

Any suggestions?
Laura Wright

5 Responses

  1. couple of suggestions
    Not sure on the size of your team but I have three suggestions-1is to write a song, poem or rap based on the key points of the event, (if the team is big, you can split them up into a number of groups). Each group then present their epic.

    The next is the sheep pen game. You will need a fairly big space and you can do it with one smaller group or split a bigger group into 2 teams to make a competition.
    Each group selecta shepherd & everyone else within the team are sheep. Once the task starts, the shepherd can only communicate with the sheep by using a whistle. The sheep will be placed (blindfolded) around the playing area and be brought back into a small enclosed area (the pen). The sheep can be placed (by the facilitator)in any direction and the shepherd has to get them back into the pen within 5 mins (only using the whistle to communicate). The team(s)get 5-10 mins to work out how their whistle communication code will work before the game starting. If there are 2 teams, and it’s a competition, the winner is the team with the fastest time for all sheep to return to the pen.

    The third is to get everyone to bring in a baby/toddler photo & a photo gallery to be presented to the team – everyone has to guess who the babies/toddlers are, (you might want to throw some ‘wild cards’ in if it’s only a small group -thatis, some photos of people nt in the group. These have all worked well at events I’ve been to

    Whatever you decide, good luck

  2. To add to Clive’s suggestions…
    A nice idea I very occasionally use – depending on the team spirit / sense of fun of the team I’m working with – is to sellotape a sheet of A4 paper to each delegate’s back and to ask everyone to write on each other’s sheet what they like most about that person. Delegates can only read the comments after the workshop is over. It often leaves delegates with a nice ‘glow’ after the day is over.

    I’m careful where I use this but it’s never failed me yet!

  3. game advice
    You may like to ask them to build an animal that represents the team as a whole (split them into small groups so you can have a competition)) – give them a variety of tools to use, duplo, playdough, clay, or they can make a collage of pictures that they cut from magazines – things they may consider are: thick skin/may arms/many ears/fast legs/ eyes in the back of their head/big heart/ big brain/wacky hair(creative) etc etc based on their perceived skill set and heart in their role. Sometimes you get some very interesting creations which tell you a lot and are good to debrief!
    All the best

  4. An ‘out of the box’ idea

    I organised a conference for our training team last month & we invited a local physiotherapist to come along for a 40 minute slot which , for many people, turned out to be the highlight of the 2 days. This was the last slot on day 1 & people had been starting to wilt but the physio really lifted the energy levels. She gave a presentation on posture at your desk, using your laptop / PC or driving your car. She brought lots of props, including an example spine & she talked us all through correct sitting posture. She then finihed off by taking us through some exercises you could do in the office – nothing overly challenging but got people up & moving & was good fun.

    I don’t have access to Sue’s details today (she’s based near Stratford) but if you’re interested let me know & i’ll dig them out for you. Sue is also the National Secretary of the Chartered Association of Physio’s in Private Practice so if you’re in a different area she might be able to put you in touch with somebody else.

  5. Contact details
    I would be interested to have the contact details for the physiotherapist please


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