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Gower Training Publications – August 1999


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Greetings from Gower.  Here are details of our latest releases. A short description of the products featured is given here but full details of the products are available on the Gower website. 

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us  we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Titles featured in this edition:

• The BrainSmart Leader
• Guide to Internal Communication Methods
• The Excellent Manager‚s Business Library
• Business Negotiation
• On Work and Leadership
• Business Applications of NLP
• Health and Safety Games for Trainers
• Practical Information Policies Second Edition
• An Introduction to Landscape Design and Construction

Also featured are our Management Skills Paperbacks.

You can order by using our Online Order Form on our website http://www.gowerpub.comor by e-mailing us at [email protected] with your full mailing address and details of the products you want to order. We now offer a 10% discount on list price for all direct orders placed through the Gower website. Why not visit our Online Catalogue for details of other Gower products not featured in this newsletter?

•  The BrainSmart Leader
By Tony Buzan, Tony Dottino and Richard Israel

? Why do so many organizations find it difficult to use teamworking?
? Why do change programmes fail so often?
? How can organizations process information more effectively?
? What does a modern manager need to do to ensure success?

These and other important business issues are dealt with in this challenging book. It opens with a quiz designed to identify your existing strengths and weaknesses and direct you to the corresponding chapters. It then explores the key elements of effective leadership, with the aid of studies of successful BrainSmart Leaders, exercises, quizzes, Mind Maps and practical guidance for applying the ideas described. Working through the text and the related material will equip you with the mental technology to apply your creativity to maximum effect.  The result should be a dramatic improvement in your own performance and that of your organization.

•  Guide to Internal Communication Methods
Edited by Eileen Scholes on behalf of ITEM

Handling communication techniques effectively is an integral part of modern management. But making the right choices is becoming increasingly difficult - and increasingly important.

The Guide offers just the kind of help the beleaguered manager or team leader needs. Each chapter examines a particular group of communication techniques and uses practical examples to show their strengths and weaknesses, highlight common pitfalls and review issues such as costs and timing.

Providing both information and advice across the entire range of available methods, the Guide will help you to plan and manage your communication processes to achieve the aims of your organization.

•  The Excellent Manager‚s Business Library
By Philip Holden

Philip Holden's latest book puts the distilled wisdom of the world's leading business writers at your fingertips.  Taking fifteen issues in turn - from corporate culture to personal development - he examines the most important publications, providing for each of them a short biography of the author, a summary of the book, five brief quotations, five Œlessons for managers‚, a glossary and a critical review.  In addition there are summaries of, or references to, related books and articles.  The book concludes with a set of indexes designed to make it a multi-purpose tool.

For managers, consultants, academics and students, this concise yet comprehensive overview of business writing represents a powerful resource.

•  Business Negotiation
A Practical Workbook
By Paul Steele and Tom Beasor

Getting to grips with negotiation quickly is straightforward and easy with this practical guide. Written in simple language, with a host of practical exercises to support the text, it is designed for any negotiator who wants to develop their knowledge and increase their confidence and skills.

Starting by demonstrating the importance negotiation plays in both commercial and interpersonal relationships, the book then takes the reader through 20 developmental steps which cover: objective setting and planning; the first phases of negotiation; managing movement; and completing the deal. Each step features a knowledge and skill building exercise, tips and techniques.

In a highly interactive style, this book provides a learning route to skilled negotiation. Written by experts in the field of negotiation, it gives a clear picture of all aspects of the subject and arms the reader with a wealth of ideas and examples for their next negotiation.

•  On Work and Leadership
A selection of lectures organized by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

The world of work is changing in a way that challenges many of our most deeply rooted preconceptions. Here leading commentators and practitioners explore the changes that are taking place, present what different organizations who blazed the trail are learning, and analyse the leadership qualities that can steer us through change.

One of a series of Gower collections of RSA lectures, it provides reassuring signposts for any organization faced with major change and the need to review the fundamental principles on which it operates.

•  Business Applications of NLP
30 Activities for Training

In 1996 Roy Johnson produced 40 Activities for Training with NLP and it was an immediate success.   Now, with co-author John Eaton, he has compiled a companion volume that focuses on key factors in organizational performance such as decision making, influencing, leadership, managing conflict, meetings, motivation, and teambuilding.

A sample activity from this manual can be accessed via the On-line Catalogue entry for this product.

•  Health and Safety Games for Trainers
By Graham Roberts-Phelps

If you like to keep your training sessions fresh and enjoyable, and your delegates involved, you'll welcome this new collection of nearly 100 games, quizzes and exercises. It covers every aspect of health and safety at work, including: safety awareness; managing safely; office safety; first aid; display screen equipment; risk assessment; environmental awareness; safe manual handling; fire safety; personal protective equipment, and hazardous substances.

You'll find each of the many exercises easy and simple to run. And all of them have been devised, developed and tested by the author during safety skills training courses. The manual provides anyone involved in safety training with a compendium of ideas and material that will save them considerable time and increase impact.

Also available as a looseleaf manual:

•  Practical Information Policies
Second Edition
By Elizabeth Orna

The message of this book is that successful Œknowledge management‚ depends on knowledge in human minds, expressed in effective action, fed with appropriate information, and supported by the right blend of IT and systems.  It offers readers a straightforward way of working out what their organization needs to know to survive and prosper, what information it requires to 'feed' its knowledge, and how people need to interact in using knowledge and information.

Many readers of the first edition commended it for its practical and reliable guidance.  The new edition keeps this emphasis on the practical, while taking full account of key developments in ideas, practice and technology.

A new set of 14 case studies from the UK, Australia and Singapore illustrates and supports the principles set out with true stories of real organizations.

•  An Introduction to Landscape Design and Construction
By James Blake

How do you design a landscape suitable for its intended uses? How can the natural landscape be enhanced with new features and focal points? How can you make pedestrians stay on the footpath? What kind of plant, path or wall should you put where, and what sort of contract should you choose for your client's contractor?

This down-to-earth introduction answers all these questions, guiding new students through the many facets of professional practice and welding together the artistic, legal, financial, environmental and management issues which can seem so disconnected.

Blake considers the different elements of hard landscape and their relative merits in different situations. The soft landscape section looks at mass and form, natural and abstract planting, and the difficult subject of plant selection. A step-by-step guide through all the stages of project management, from initial discussions with clients and site inspection through to final plans and drawings, as well as maintenance, provides readers with a plain-speaking reference on client management and contractual administration which will become their bible.

Also available in paperback:

•  Gower"s Management Skills Paperbacks

Empowering People at Work
By Nancy Foy

How to Write Effective Reports
Third Edition
By John Sussams

Made-to-Measure Problem-Solving
By Victor Newman

The Management Skills Book
By Conor Hanaway and Gabriel Hunt

Managerial Consulting Skills
By Charles J Margerison

Opportunity Spotting
By Nigel MacLennan

The Problem Buster‚s Guide
By Mike Allison

Problem Solving in Groups
Second Edition
By Mike Robson

Professional Report Writing
By Simon Mort

The Tao of Leadership
By John Heider


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