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Head Office Inductions


I have been asked to design from scratch a induction for all head office employees. What must/should I cover and include in such an induction? We are a retail business.

Many thanks
Craig Robertson

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  1. Corporate Inductions
    Hi Craig,

    With regards to what you may like/should put into your corporate induction (in no particular order):-

    · Welcome to the company
    (Welcome to the company and an overview of the Corporate Induction Programme)

    · Health and Safety
    (Fire evacuation, First Aid, Accident Reporting, Smoking Policy and any specific items related to roles within the organisation)

    · The organisation itself
    (Tour of the office, Organisation Charts, Security, Car Parking, Telephone system, Computer systems, Data Protection, Products and Services)

    · HR Policies
    (Absence and Sickness procedures, Working hours, Agreement for breaks etc, Holiday and Special Leave, Probation Criteria, Performance Management, Discipline and Grievance procedures, Internet and Email policies)

    · Financials
    (Salary including payment method and dates, Tax and NI, Company Benefits, Expenses and Expense claims)

    · Culture and Values
    (Background of Culture and Values, Mission Statements, Any Quality Systems and the companies Customer Care Policy)

    · Training
    (Company training policy, Development Plans, Professional Qualifications)

    Make the induction as interactive as possible and avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’. It is important to remember that the Corporate Induction gives the new employees their first real insight to the company they have chosen to work for.

    Craig, feel free to drop me an email if I can be of any further help.


  2. Head Office Induction
    I wouyld agree with everything that Neil has suggested. I would also consider how you get Inductees to understand other functions e.g. the retail stores and other key HO functions. Head Office employees need to understand where the money is made; what it’s like working in stores and appreciating the customer base. You could do this in a number of ways – plan a half day of experience in a store for each new HO employee, and have the Store Manager act as Mentor.

    Alternatively, have a retail representative deliver a presentation during the induction. In fact, have a series of presentations from key HO functions too. The key to this is to encourage them to be interactive with short exercises – not a series of presentation after presentation.
    Hope that helps.
    Happy Days!

  3. Induction
    Hi Craig,
    I’m happy to share the Induction Programme that has now been running for about 12 months in the company I am working with. I re-wrote the existing plan to ensure new starters were completely ‘tooled’ up to start their new career with us. Please send me your email address and I’ll send a Word copy over then I’d be happy to talk you through it.
    many thanks

  4. Induction on line

    I agree with most of what has been said on the content of a Head Office induction programme.

    I think you also need to consider the logisitics of getting round everyone who might be on different sites or different shift patterns when there is no head office person to provide the information or when the appropriate HO person is not around.

    Having an on-line ( E learning programme or video based) Head Office induction can help. You can even give it to people who haven’t arrived in the company yet. If you need more information please get in touch.


  5. Bring some “real people” in
    One of the most successful things I have done with Corporate Inductions, is to invite a group of people from various departments and levels of the business to meet the new starters over a buffet lunch. Gives the inductees a chance to start building their networks and meet some real people from the business. TOP TIP : invite positive lively people NOT the office grump!

  6. Kulture is King
    I agree that you have to deliver all the formal written procedures and policies but depending on the size of the organisation, a couple of days on ‘the floor’ working with the sales team and allowing the head office inductee to experience and understand the culture of the sales force first hand will strengthen and enhance the teamwork between the divisions.

  7. Induction

    Hi Mike


    I read with interest your e-induction, which is exactly what I’m looking to implement in my organisation over the coming months.  I’d be interested in anything you can share in this space.  My initial thoughts were to offer an ‘induction page’ via our intranet which then linked to various other parts of the site e-g- H & S e-learning etc.

    Any creative ideas/suggestions would be most welcome!




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