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Help in first time training sessions and buzz sessions


I am currently developing towards the role of a coach in the Call Centre where I work. I've been coaching for the last 5 months with a manager who has no interest in anything so hasn't given me any feedback. I am now applying for a coaching role. My manager has finally given me feedback a week before the interview and says that I'm not engaging the other person (who I met for the first time during the session) enough. How can I force them to participate when the only answers I get from them are "don't know" or one worded? I really would appreciate any help as I'm not getting it from my work. I'm also being told that I will be doing a buzz session as part of the assessment for this new role and can't get feedback either so how can I encourage teamwork in a 10 minute session?? Please, please, please help!!
Zany Toon

3 Responses

  1. Questions and Structure
    Zany, sounds like you are having a bit of a rough time. I’ve been coaching for a while and will try and offer some advice and try not to teach you to ‘suck eggs’. If you’re only getting one word answers then consider the questions you ae asking, avoid closed questions. Try using a structured approach to ooaching i.e. GROW. If you’re getting short reponses then try turning it around on them by asking if this was your business what would you do etc. If you would like to talk more then just get in touch.


  2. Response : Help in first time training sessions and buzz session
    Hello Zany –
    As humans , we are very selective and are complex beings ! We will open up to people only if we think we a re comfortable . To get anyone to open up , you need to build trust ! And that could be done through rapport building which is the very basics of coaching . Based on my personal experience I feel you should invest as much time as you can in rapport building with these guys outside your coaching slots.. U can see wonders .. Some of the Rapport building ways r through discussing the topic of their interest , listening to them , matching your body language to theirs. While all these seem like a tangential approach,I personally think once you have your rapport in place, its easier to get them to open up.Then you supplement it with open ended questions and obviously a collaborative approach , coaching becomes a cake walk !


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