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Help with interview presentation ideas!


Hi Team

Can anyone assist, i have a job interview this Monday 6th Dec 2010, i have been asked to give an 8 minute presentaion on: The priorities and challenges for an airport operational training team...

The position is for training ground workers within the airport, any suggestions?

Thank you in anticipation

15 Responses

  1. Presentation

     The priorities and challenges for an airport operational training team…

    Hi Rocker

    I would stick to the basics of Who, What, Where, Why, How and When



    Opening StatementShow a dramatic picture that focuses on the implications of not getting it right. (Crashed plane maybe?) Today I will explain why we must prioritize xyz and the challenges we face in doing so.



     (Print out some cards with the above words (W,W,W,W,H) on them and stick to a flipchart one by one as you speak about each one)
    Why is it important
    Who is involved
    Where will it happen
    When will it happen
    How will it happen
    Closing Statement –  As you can now see, we face innumerable challenges in order make xyz happen but by having a clear plan of action and a dedicated team all working together…blah blah blah etc etc + Picture of a plae taking off maybe?


  2. Just a few random thoughts


    Do you know if they want a stand-up presentation or something interactive to demonstrate your training skills? I also recently went to an assessment day for a training role and was asked to do a 5 min presentation – it’s as though organisations don’t quite understand that there is a world of difference between the two techniques! I did a stand up presentation but got a little bit of interaction going by asking "Hands up who has ever…..?" and "How many of you have ….." and so on. I got the job!

    That aside, for priorities I think SECURITY has to be a main feature. And balancing the need for security with CUSTOMER SERVICE (ie not making a potentially irritating situation for passengers more so by being unfriendly and cold).

    Another priority I would think is about SPEED of service, no one likes waiting in long queues to check in or go thru security checks – again, balanced with security needs and customer care.

    The aim of the airlines is to get their planes away on time, and as full as possible, so ground staff have that as their focus too.

    I think you could use these priorities as a basis for the challenges, too. The flip side of the coin maybe?

    Happy to discuss off line if you like – send me a message via my profile.

    Good Luck



  3. W W W W W H

    You are very welcome Rocker

    W W W W W H  is all you ever need to know about anything.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  4. Thanks

    Hi Jenny

    i agree, how can you give an effective presentation with less than 10 minutes? i have been offered 5 – 8 minutes no Powerpoint and questions after, you have given me some great pointers which i will utilise along with Steve’s suggetions and hopefully gain re-employment. thank you also for the offer to speak off-line.

    Thank you


  5. Presentation for training job


    Some good pointers above. I’d just add that it is always important to go back to the question. Here you are being asked for the priorities and and challenges for the training team. You might want to showcase your knowledge of training by building the presentation around what the training team need to do.

    For example, first off they need to understand the full range of needs for different ground staff (from maintenace, to cargo, from security staff to drivers – stick to airport staff, not airline staff by the way), the business needs, the safety, security and service issues. Secondly, they need to understand how to get the best learning to the right people at the right time in the most cost effective way. Getting manual worker to sit in a standard training room for a day may not work (for practical and psychological reasons). Because of shift patterns, I bet the training has often to take place at odd hours too. Thirdly, they need to know how to get people up to standard – some training will be linked to standards and may involving passing a test, some may be about corporate standards and the company way. Evaluation is worth a mention at this point too. Lastly, they need to be able to respond to emerging priorities – a rapid response to close a security gap, for example, or re-training people following an air accident report.

    You might just about fit all that into 8 mins. If you want to make it a bit different, why not build it around a story: a week in the life of an airport ground staff training team. Just a thought.

    Whichever way you go, best of luck.

    Graham O’Connell 

  6. Thanks

    Hi Graham

    i think you have given me greater direction especially with the time frame i have, i really like the suggestion of building around "a day in the life of"

    Thank you

  7. This might help?

    From an airport operational training team website!



    The objective of our training programme is to deliver to your organisation, a well trained and well motivated workforce that meets or exceeds all current regulatory operational requirements (domestic and international) and are considered by the industry to represent a target that others aspire to achieve.

    We would encourage our client organisations to rapidly assimilate our training methods and seek to leverage those skills with our courses and delivery that meets your organisations working methodologies and working practices.

    Our highly experienced Trainers and Support staff are well versed in the international operational airport environment. Our tiered approach is sensitive to culture and language whilst maintaining the highest standards of aviation best practices to ensure customer and passenger satisfaction.

    We are committed to improving the airport, airline, passenger and stakeholder experience and values. With over 100 man years plus of experience to draw on we are in a position to offer an excellent training experience across the diverse range of staff you employ.

    With leading internationally experienced Trainers who are DfT Accredited from Airport and Aviation businesses, our approach is customer-focused. This enables sustained delivery tailored to your own operational facilities. International aviation quality standards are delivered by consistent auditing and a cascade training programme, through either a train-the-trainer approach to give local ownership and the knowledge transfer of experience and methodology, under the guidance and mentoring from our professional Training Team. Alternatively courses can be delivered by our own accredited Training Team.

    We understand that all Airport Authorities and Organisations have their own methodologies, that no one course fits all, which is why we tailor to your individual requirements, cultural sensitivity and staff needs. Before undertaking any course, initial design work is carried out with you to ensure the agreed course delivers and meets your specific requirements.

  8. Research, Present and Impress!

    An interesting question and one that will require some careful consideration.

    I would seek to impress (obviously!), but doing some research. Is there anyone that already works in this environment, who could give specific feedback rather than you deciding what the issues could be? You may already have experience in this field and know the answers, but if you don’t I would be seeking out staff that can tell you the answer.

    This approach will give you a more fact based, specific presentation as it is based upon real people’s feedback.

    Aside from that I have not worked in that industry and cannot give any specific help.

    If we don’t hear anything before a ‘HUGE’ good luck to you from me.

    Preparation is key!

    Mark Colley


    I know it sounds obvious, but I once asked a candidate to do a 10 minute TRAINING session (specifically stressed it was a training session) and he did a 23 minute presentation with the worst PowerPoint I’ve ever seen.  He didn’t get the job.


    Good luck.

  10. Thanks

    Cheers Wannadoo

    I have downloaded material from airport workers blogs, specifically ground crew workers comments. I seemed to be getting bogged down with information,deciding what to put into the presentation (not a training session) I,ve got it down to 5 flips with cartoons as pointers and now beginning to feel a little more comfortable. Just got to practice the whole presentation now to ensure timing and content flow.

    I will let all know how i get on after.



  11. Thanks

    Hi Steve

    thanks for your recent assistance, i unfortunately was unsuccessful although the feedback was that i was an excellent candidate and my presentation was the most impressive and professionally delivered, i failed to put across my knowledge of airport operations.

    I start empolyment next week with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service as a Community Safety Trainer, i was informed that the presentation i gave was the deciding factor.

    once again thanks

    Rocker (Mike)

  12. Well done

    Well done Rocker Mike

    Good to hear you found a job…I used to work with the Fire Service many years ago and they were an amazing bunch of people so I’m sure the job will be really rewarding.

    Thanks for letting us all know our suggestions helped





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