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High-Impact, Memorable, Exceptional Inductions!


 Hello There

This is my first post on the site and what a wonderful site it is!

1)  I'm looking for top ideas for creating a memorable induction experience for a set of about 50 graduates that are being inducted.  I'm focussing on 'experience' and the little things that can be done to make candidates know they have made the right choice to join the organisation.  Any ideas to make the induction exceptional?  Can span any horizon from what to use to deliver, to little touches, to setup and high-impact sessions that graduates would love!

2)  How do you cover all the boring stuff like pensions, health and safety, etc?  Again, any ideas welcome!

Thank you very much


3 Responses

  1. Inductions a speciality


    Induction programmes are my speciality (weirdly I really enjoy writing them, and think that they are often overlooked and underutilised). I have written quite a few and based on my experience I have prepared a free guide to creating inductions which I am happy to share. Please just message me you email address, and I’ll pass it on.

    Sheridan Webb

    Keystone Development – Induction Specialists

  2. suggestions

    hi Charlie – here are some ideas that we are playin with now.

    1 take them around the campus for experiential one

    2 give them a different colored ID around their neck, existing ones may want to ‘welcome’ them in their own style

    3 for the hr stuff – i guess have a very interactive session, role-plays with props

    Would love to hear from others too here!



    Blog @

  3. It’s not the most fun a trainer can have but…

    Firstly, I would think about what exactly the new people need to know.  Start here, it sounds obvious, but is often overlooked in induction.


    If you need them to know lots of facts or information, then try a treasure hunt (with people as prizes if you will)… send people on what I can the interactive quiz… they have a series of questions, directions to the departments with the information and then off you go… I also ask each group to think of and ask at least one question per department.  Round it off with a discussion / answer session… what did you learn, etc.


    If you need to cover customer care then do it by ‘what not to do’… it can provoke thought and deliver a bit of fun along the way.


    For vision / values type exercises simply split them out across the groups and ask the new people to tell the group how they demonstrate the particular vision / value… instant belonging!

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