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How are you finding the new site?


Now that you've had a day or so to have a look around the new site, we thought we'd ask for some feedback.

Let us know what the pros and cons are for you. We'll bask in the glory of the pros, and try as best we can to fix the cons.

So what do you think?

21 Responses

  1. Technical Training
    New site looks great. very easy to navigate and it looks clean and fresh.
    TZ always seems to focus on Leadership Training but never Technical Training?

    It would be interesting to see how many Technical Trainers use the site and then maybe some articles directed at them?

  2. Better mobile experience
    Much neater on a smaller screen now, will take some time to get accustomed to the full site.

  3. Site looks great however…
    I can’t seem to add a new profile photo or edit my public profile…


  4. Any Answers
    When someone responds to a question in Any Answers it doesn’t send out an email. I did click the send immediately box.

  5. Looking good
    The new site looks great. The colour coding of features works really well and I like the prominent use of video.

  6. teething problems…..

    Apparently I've changed my name to Steve Robson….my profile has his name

    On the any answers page this "question" has 7 comments but when you get it tit it has five answers

    I've just posted and answer and when it was up I noticed a spelling error in my submission but in the new site I can't seem to edit an answer once submitted.

    Lord, don't I moan! 

  7. More tech training + Any Answers issue



    I like the clean new look, and it's easy to use as well.

    I agree with comments above about more technical training info, it would be appreciated.

    I'm also unable to get past the first page of Any Answers – when I click on "next" or a page number, it just loads the first page again.


  8. new site – less functions?

    I like the design of the new site, but the functionality is wanting

    Many of the buttons and links do not work – for example click on the most commented articles and the function just does nothing – is this design or leftover coding?

    also the "more" when going to features does not give you access to more – it just refreshes the page!

    Under my profile it says I have not published any blogs or articles – so where have they all gone


    it looks great – but has the functionality of a goldfish – great for here and now, bio longer for serious, sustainable L&D – a disapointment


    I don't know what has been done with these comments areas, but when there is a spelling error, the PC highlights it, but the pages code stops any function to correct with spellcheck of any kind


  9. formatting & page jump

    Interesting my post above had carrage returns – these have been dropped so its hard to read



    also when you submit, it returns to the home page with the earliest comments.



    this is crazy, or could be on a post with lots of comments. why not show earliest comments below the piece?


    No opportunity to edit – even LinkedIn gives 15 minutes





    the more I use the site, the more it appears to have gone backwards – sorry, lots of sizzle – but little substance in the functionality here.


  10. Couple of issues


    Rich text does not seem to work when copying text from another blog/thread. Would welcome the ability to edit ones own postings.

    Feature that allows me to view my past contributions does not show any (I have contributed).

    Will continue to have a look round.


  11. Rich text

    It would appear that 'rich-text' formatting does not work even when typing direct into the comment box. Am I doing something wrong??


  12. I am getting alerted to the new comments

    … but not actually seeing them appear on the discussion thread.

    There are clearly more than 5 comments on this thread (this is the amount of comments it says the thread has at the top of the discussion)

    I have not seen any of the comments on the thread after Russ Slater's comment on the 20th Dec (there have been at least 4 more comments since then)

  13. A couple of issues (with this

    A couple of issues (with this very thread)

    1) none of the comments posted after the 20th December are showing up – which I think is about 4 or 5 missing comments

    2) It says that there are 12 comments in this thread – I think it is probably nearer to 15 (10 are showing)

    3) The site said 'bad gateway' when I tried to post up this comment previously.


  14. Oops

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that our tech team have been looking into the issues you've described and everything seems to have been resolved. If anything appears odd to you still, a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 for Windows or Command-R on a Mac) should clear it all up.

    Also, we've set up an insert image option in the text editor. Just click the painting box and follow the instructions 🙂 



    You can include a direct link if the image is hosted elsewhere, or just click upload, select your image and then select "Insert File" to post it.

    If you encounter any more issues, the best way to make sure they're resolved ASAP is to email us with all the details you have and, if possible any screenshots of error messages / oddly displaying pages. That way we can fully investigate it and get back to you much faster.

    Also, I'm afraid that editing of posts isn't enabled but if you do spot a typo or need any other changes to your posts, just let us know and we'll make sure it's sorted 🙂

  15. Mobile version of site having problems

    On my mobile I can't access the 2nd page of comments on this thread (which I know exist)

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Jon Kennard

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