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How can I make training cost effective and accessible to a multi site business


I have been tasked with trying to make training more accessible to the whole of the business. The business is a multi site cleaning and FM company and our employees are based on a client site all over the country.

I have to research and identlfy cost effective training tools to ensure that training is accessible and can be delivered throughtout the business.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Lissa Goswell
Lissa Goswell

6 Responses

  1. Find Regional Providers
    Unless you are required to provide training in-house, in which case cost effectiveness will be difficult, I’d hire regional providers.

    If you outsource relevant training to qualified, competent training providers within the regions where your organisation has staff, it should satisfy your requirements.

    There are risks of course with quality control, standardisation etc, but these can be overcome with a properly worded memo of understanding or contract and periodic evaluation.

    If you can’t find an organisation within a region that is suitable, it might be possible to find an individual who can work casually when required (someone retired, stay at home parent etc).

    The latter can be very cost effective as all you pay is the salary for the duration of training when needed. Usually these people can work with short notice and are often teacher/trainer trained.

  2. Locally Delivered Training
    A couple of suggestions:

    Firstly, if your clients permit access to the Internet, then you could consider online learning courses, but as part of a blended learning programme, so that your people do get the chance to meet up with their peers working for other clients from time to time. You will still reduce the amount of time they have to travel away from their place of work.

    Secondly, where the training is generic and your clients offer this to their own staff, could they open up access to their courses to your people…?

  3. Area coaches

    What about setting up an internal network of trainers? Use supervisors or others who are respected and can motivate. Train them to be trainers and agree % time they must be available for training. Run courses, as has been siad, in regional “hubs”.
    Problem with e-learning is that many won’t be IT literate.


  4. Training Consultant
    Hi Lissa
    Have you thought about using some of the excellent open/ flexible learning materials that are available? These are user friendly, easy to use anywhere and cost effective. There is a range of titles including communication, time management, team briefing, team leading etc.
    Learners can be supported by telephone (hotline) or by e-mail or both. It is also possible to run half day or one day regional workshops to support the materials. If you would like to know more about the materials give me a call on 01925-299960 and I’ll happily send you some information.
    Good luck
    Damien O’Leary

  5. E-Learning made simple!
    Dear Lisa

    You are more than welcome to look at our e-leaning site which offers H&S training via the web.

    All new accounts are set up with your company details including branding, trainees can logon from any pc with browser connection, once inside they can choose from a selection of H&S courseware you’re your company has subscribed to; allied to the courseware is a self contained LMS which takes care of all your administration worries, including automatic tracking of trainees test papers, risk assessments and complete history.

    The system is very cost effective and is updated automatically with any changes to legislation, therefore, keeping your training up to date.

    If you would like a free evaluation account, then please advise; happy to set you up.

    Full details at

    There are over 500,000 registered users already.



  6. In house training
    Hi Lissa
    We’ve found that it works out more time and cost efficiently to offer in-house training for multisite organisations rather than outsourcing the job, which is usually more expensive, takes more time, and can be treated as a ‘day off’.

    We’ve developed a disability equality training programme which is based around a video, and workbook and an online assessment so that a company has the minimum of disruption, yet the staff can learn in a known environment, and trained by a known and trained member of staff. The feedback we’ve had about this method has told us that this method is extremely successful with multi site companies.


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