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How do I find work


I am an accredited trainer to run courses in behaviour types. I am an associate and a long way from the main office. How to do I get started finding work/clients to work with? I don't know many people to start net-working and I seem to get a brick wall when I try to offer my services - any tips would be wonderful. There are few large local businesses - mostly small to medium.
helena oliver

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  1. Working as a freelancer
    Hi Helena

    Your posting is intriguing in many ways…
    I would be interested to know how you got accredited to be a trainer in ‘behavioural types’ What does this mean – MBTI?? Are you tied in to a proprietary system?

    NETWORKING & Work finding
    As for networking – sites like and are worth looking at. Although Trainerbase is exclusively focused on trainers – the other is more generic.

    Go to local CIPD and CMI events and network there. Write articles for sites like this to get yourself known. Join local Chambers of Commerce.

    Do not be put off by the fact that there are only SME’s locally – 80% of the UK workforce are employed in SME’s and they do employ trainers.

    You seem to hint at the fact that when you do pitch ‘informally’ you hit a brick wall… are you selling or building relationships?

    It can take a long time to build a successful business – so its is about having a medium term plan.

    Your local business link will no-doubt run networking events and offer guidance on how to network effectively. Another option is to network with other like minder trainers – for example the forthcoming TrainerBase conference looks great (download the TrainerBase Conference Brochure).

    This article ( asks a similar question and has some great answers.

    I hope this is of value to you and good luck

  2. Finding work
    Hi Helena

    A common business model in training is to work as an associate for larger training companies and also find work for yourself. This can give you a prop when you first start, although many trainers only work as associates.

    To find these companies means a lot of internet trawling to find ones that you feel you can fit in with. Then it’s sending a CV or calling them up.

    As a company which works with associates we receive a great number of CVs and the majority of them seem to have been written the day the consultant left college/university. What we want to see up front is what you can do, and what your training background is. Unfortunately too many start with a glowing description of their communication ability and then list their “O” levels and finish with their hobbies.

    Take time to suit the CV to the company, what they offer and their client base. We work only in the public sector in very specific areas, as it says clearly on our website, yet we still get many CVs from consultants with no background or experience in these areas.

    So do your research and be as professional as you can be.

    All the best


  3. Thanks
    I have written individually to you which I am not sure you will get – thank you very much. I have joined one network and am going to ‘get out’ and meet some people. The links have given me more than I could have hoped – thanks again. Helena

  4. Being on the internet

    To find work; be seen on the internet.

    We conducted some marketing research during 2007; contacting 800 training departments asking them about their purchasing habits.

    50% stick with existing suppliers (difficult to get a foot in the door)
    12% use word of mouth (smaller than I expected given the credence of personal recommendations)
    30% use the internet (that equates to 60% of those looking use the web in some form or other; most of them using google).

    So I would acknowledge all that has been said and add that Mike, who has done a lot of work on markeing on the internet is speaking at the conference he mentions. A good opportunity to hear from the horses mouth:)

    AKA Ed
    Founder and Editor of Trainerbase.

  5. Self promotion… NO!
    Hi Peter – thanks for your kind words.

    I should point out that when I first mentioned the TrainerBase Conference I was a delegate and NOT a speaker –

    I was invited by Peter only today to take a slot from another presenter who cannot now attend and share my experiences in this area.

    Hope to see some of you there.


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