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How do you describe what you do?


I get funny looks from people when I say I'm 'in training' and they are not L& D related. So now I've changed to 'I'm in learning and development' and though it still sometimes takes a bit of explanation, at least they've stopped looking for the training shoes and muscles (both of which are absent in my case!).

How do you introduce yourself to those 'outside the circle'?


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  1. “Training”
    Hi Carolyn

    Training is quite a hard job to describe. I have a different answer every time I’m asked.

    I’ve worked in Training most of my life and haven’t got a clue what most people on this site do so I can see why its tricky for people who don’t know anything about training!

    Lets just say we “change peoples lives for the better” and leave it at that! 🙂

  2. Pants on the inside

    I like Steve’s answer here – even though my imagination conjours the same impression of a super hero with red cape and pants that the unenlightened may get!  My answer is to say "I teach……"  In my case the complete answer is "I teach video analysis to sports coaches".  It’s only 10% of the story but better than people thinking I am a personal fitness trainer.

  3. How do you describe what you do?

    Hi Carolyn

    I started a discussion around this question on the TrainerBase/LPA forum. Replies were mixed and included: independent learning consultant, business change and people development specialist, learning & development consultant / specilaist, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach, & ‘learning architect’ . there seems to be a move away from using "Training" to describe what we do.


  4. A Ronseal Approach

    Hi carolyn,  thanks to a speed networking event a few months ago, I have learned to describe what I do in 10 seconds flat in a way that anyone can understand. It’s a bit blunt, and doesn’t give the whole story, but at least people can visualise something that is close to what I do.

    "I write training materials such as courses and workbooks for companies to use themselves in-house"

    Job done.

    Sheridan Webb

  5. How do I tell people I am a trainer?

    Like your self and with most other responses, the reply is dependant I guess on who’s asking the question. However, I do tend to find myself saying:

    "I develop people’s skills. I help people to achieve."

    Possibly cheesy but it works for me and my clients.

    Alec McPhedran

  6. “first we have naming of parts”

    I tried to sum it up in my two trading names;



    people and process performance improvement





    (actually I say "I" tried….my wife came up with the names!)

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