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how many people have died from licking 9volt batteries?


please see above.
Anthony Oates

12 Responses

  1. None
    Volts don’t kill people amps do, and while it takes a very low ampage applied directly to a human heart to stop it, licking a battery leaves a long way for it to go.

    For the record, in medical literature the lowest “voltage” attributed to a fatal accident was 46 Volts – but I don’t have a record of the source of the voltage.

    Why ask this question here anyway?

    And yes Garry you were indeed close.

  2. is this a riddle?
    I reckon this is a riddle and that the “answer” is

    ~”Who cares? Anyone who dies from “licking” a battery is either too stupid or too perverted to expect to live”~

  3. me

    well perhaps not!

    What has this got to do with training?

    confused in Spain , Andi

  4. an answer to andi
    by discussing the dangers of licking 9v batteries we “teach” people not to do it?


    (yes, I did wonder when I first saw the question and frankly, still do, but this is an unregulated (almost) site so let’s not censor it too much)

  5. One – as far as I know
    there may be others but this one was attached to a motorbike at the time

  6. Battery lickers – R.I.P
    According to research carried out by the well respected group Weconyou in Voltsville Wyoming, the answer is 159 people died March 2003 – April 2006 from licking said batteries.

    Check out the research on

    Apparently a group of rough-looking batteries had a face off with a bunch of jump leads last week. The situation was resolved by a burly Policeman who shouted “oi you lot, don’t start anything!”

    Unbelievable but true.


  7. childhood memories
    i remember doing this as a kid – christ knows why but i remember the taste being horrible!

    thankfully no one i knew died…imagine explaining that one as a 7 year old!

  8. I’ll let you know.
    I will hand some out in my training session tomorrow and let you know what happens. Will I be liable if several die?

  9. Modems too
    I don’t know about anyone licking batteries.. well I do really but they didn’t die. I spoke with a guy once who told me his Speedtouch USB modem must be faulty because he got an electric shock every time he licked it. I had to tell him the modem should not be exposed to moisture. I refrained from pointing out it didn’t actually resemble an ice cream. Takes all sorts I suppose. And yes. 9 volt batteries do taste very bitter when you lick them !


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