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How to Boost Confidence in Entry-Level Employees


Your entry-level employees are the backbone of your business - and they’re also the future. But what if they aren't made to feel confident and capable? Chances are, you'll struggle to attract and retain talent.

Common mistakes include failing to offer proper opportunities for development, missing out on chances to boost employee confidence, and creating a culture which fails to celebrate achievements lower down in the business.

It’s easy to rectify these issues with a few simple steps, and you’ll immediately see a difference in the confidence of your entry-level workers.

1. Contribute Towards Continuing Education  

Many entry-level workers lack confidence because they don’t feel their skills are up to scratch. This issue is often easily rectified with a little extra training - whether that means arranging regular refresher sessions for the whole team, paying for a private math tutor, or making time for employees to take online courses.

The needs of each employee will be different, so it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to continuing education. Be sure to ask employees what they feel they would benefit from, rather than making assumptions which could be wrong.

2. Highlight Their Strengths and Recognize Achievements

Do you regularly recognize and reward achievements high up in the business, but fail to give much attention to your entry-level workers? Something as simple as calling out great work in the next company newsletter, creating a new ‘employee of the month’ award, or even making the effort to compliment your entry-level staff more often can make a big difference.

If you already hold an official awards evening or ceremony, look at adding some awards which are specific to your entry-level team. This provides a huge boost to confidence and motivation.

3. Provide Real Opportunities for Progression

Feeling like you’re going nowhere is guaranteed to knock your confidence, especially when you’re new to the workforce. Making sure that clear pathways and opportunities for upward progression exist within your organization is a great way to make entry-level employees feel more capable.

Having something tangible to work towards also increases productivity, which is a massive bonus for the whole business. Your staff should never feel like they’re stuck in dead-end positions.

4. Encourage a Supportive Company Culture

There’s nothing worse than a culture which belittles or looks down on entry-level employees. It’s damaging to the entire company, and it can seriously dent the confidence of talented new staff members. Creating a culture where every member of staff feels important, valued, and respected is hugely important and will do wonders for your entry-level workers.

Avoid practices like giving the worst jobs to new entry-level hires, or excluding certain members of staff from important discussions about the business. These people could be your future managers, directors, and innovators - so be sure to treat them that way.

When your staff don’t feel confident, your entire company suffers. Follow the tips above to boost the confidence of your entry-level employees, and you’ll soon see a difference in everything from motivation and wellbeing to teamwork and productivity.


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