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How To Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity


If your goal is to increase revenue, you’ll need to sell more and your sales team will be in charge of that. They can’t work on their own, and you as a company owner or sales manager will need to train, instruct and educate them. There are countless selling strategies out there and are ever changing. That’s the reason why you should be on top of things and use just the latest and most effective tactics. Some of them are listed below and will help your sales team in their efforts to increase productivity.

Teach sales team to be efficient

Members of every sales team must learn to manage their time, and there are 4 ways of achieving this:

  • Taking care of unpleasant tasks - People tend to save uncomfortable tasks for later and this behavior can result in stacking those tasks. This is why you need to teach your employees to take charge and get rid of all hard tasks as soon as they appear. 
  • Avoid multitasking - Salespeople are fast-thinking individuals and some of them think they can take care of multiple tasks at the same time. While some of them are right, you need to let them know that multitasking can damage their brain and therefore, career. Teach them to put their 100% in one task at a time.
  • Avoid too many breaks - Taking five minutes to clear your head is very healthy, but too many breaks can negatively affect overall productivity. Salespeople like to take a break after a big sale, but make sure they don’t.
  • Turn off their phones - Everything personal should be cleared from the office. Constant email and Facebook notifications can distract your employees and their focus will decrease resulting in lower productivity.

Salespeople don’t like administrative tasks

Your selling team is the most valuable asset your company has, and it’s up to you to create perfect conditions for them to sell. If you want them to be productive and motivated, you’ll need to relieve them of as many administrative tasks as possible. It is a much better solution to hire another person that will take care of customer related issues such as complaints or follow-up emails. These support roles will help your hunter salespeople to keep hunting and generating revenue. 

Provide your team with better leads

As owner and sales manager, you may choose quantity over quality when it comes to sales leads. In order to close the sell, your employees will need something to work with and it’s your job to provide them with that. A good salesman will know if their leads are good or bad, and that will affect their motivation which will affect overall productivity. Make sure to give them just well-prepared leads in order to unleash their full selling potential.

Educate and train your team

It is really hard to increase productivity if your team is not experienced and well-educated. You can affect both aspects of their productivity, so go ahead and provide them with free Forex account so they can train trading skills for free and without a risk. According to this post, you’ll be able to learn about numerous benefits of having free Forex demo account, and how it can help your salespeople. Your team should communicate with other brokers, read the latest news, learn about risk management, and specialized software can help them with that. 

Final thoughts

In the end, once you’ve provided your salespeople with everything they need, and productivity is not yet where you want it to be, go ahead and set separate meetings with every sales team member and ask them what is slowing them down. The solutions provided above will work only if every team member comes at the office with a smile and stress-free. The selling job is hard as it is, so make sure your employees solve all their personal issues before they come to work.

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