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How to Encourage Employees to Adopt New Technology


The use of new technology has helped many companies stay ahead of the competition. This is an obvious fact. Thus every company strives to adopt newer technologies as a strategy for business growth. However, introducing new technology in the workplace is not a guarantee for the business increase because the employees may not quickly adopt the new methods.

The reason for this oversight is usually due to the negligence of the business owners to carry the employees along while making the decision to adopt and subsequently implement the new systems in the workplace.

The successful adoption of new technology ultimately depends on how well the business owners can help the employees to understand the value attainable when the new systems are fully implemented and accepted. This is important to avoid losses because the expected business increase will be attainable only when the new systems are being used.

Avoid Complicated Technology

When choosing a new technology in view of improving the business, it is essential to choose user-friendly innovative methods that can be easily understood and adopted by the employees.

Choosing complicated systems will require the use of more financial resources to organize extensive training programs to educate the employees about the systems. Without this extensive training, it will be difficult and frustrating to use these new systems. Another good point to note is the adoption of new technology that offers specific functions the will have a practical impact in the workplace rather than implementing new technology that has irrelevant features.

The use of new technology should be easy, and more effective. These new systems should feature more visual and intuitive components with user-friendly designs that will help the employees perform their tasks easily and more effectively.

Demonstrate the added value and expected benefits

Every employee will feel motivated to adopt and use new technology when they have had first-hand experience with the new systems, and they know how much value can be obtained when it is fully implemented in the workplace.

The use of new technology should not be enforced as a mandatory adoption based on the companies policies, but rather it should be introduced as a innovation that will help the employees perform their jobs better. This can be done by enlightening the employees about the new systems and the direct benefits they stand to gain after a successful implementation. With this understanding, they will be more receptive and willing to use the new technology.

Organize targeted training sessions

Many companies plan the introduction of new technology based on a budget that includes training programs targeted at helping the employees understand how to use the new innovative tools. The training sessions can be organized for small groups of employees in batches to enhance communication and understanding. It is also essential to make arrangements for subsequent training targeted at new users who will be eventually introduced to the system in the coming months. For example, the company ICOBuffer, which offers ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to raise funds from the public for the advancement of projects, continue with the project by introducing guides who answer the following questions such as: what are ICOs? How do ICOs function? What happens if an ICO is successful? And additional information that will be helpful to the people who use this service. The inclusion of this information in the guides will help the participants get a better understanding of the system after the training program.

It is also essential that participants during training programs, employees are given an opportunity to ask questions about areas they do not fully understand. There may be employees who find it hard to understand the advanced applications, these groups of employees should be encouraged to ask questions to ensure that every participant becomes proficient in the use of the new technology. Another way to encourage active participation during the training program is to introduce incentives which will be given to employees who perform excellently during the training program.

Consider Scalability when introducing new systems

It is essential that your team identify crucial needs for the new technology in the workplace to avoid waste of resources. And during implementation a plan should be developed to identify the particular groups of employees that will use the system. Efforts should be made to also monitor the performance and improvements achieved after the new systems have been introduced. These reports can be in form of employee feedback to know how well the employees have adopted the system.

Author Profile Picture
Michael Richard

Business consultant

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