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How to Encourage Your Team to Achieve Goals


The success of a team mostly relies on the attitude of the leader. The team members tend to copy the attitude of a leader. It is therefore important that leaders should show a good example that will encourage the team to pursue the set goals of the organization. One of the challenges the leaders encounter when managing teams is how to keep them focused on achieving the goals of the project. It is essential that duties be properly delegated to all team members, and they understand how their functions will have an impact on the overall plans to achieve set goals.

Developing a plan to promote goal achievement

The best results are achieved when people are excited about doing what is necessary to achieve their goals. While performance is crucial, it is also important to implement a framework to monitor the progress by using an Objectives and Key Results methodology (OKR). The essence is to evaluate the impact of the action plan through an effective OKR which promotes a setting where every team member finds it easy to collaborate towards the achievement of common goals.

Emphasize the importance of goals

When your team fully understands the importance of achieving the goals you have set for your company they will become more interested in accomplishing the organization's mission. As the team leader, you should also explain the reasons why goal setting has been introduced in the system and the benefits your employees stand to gain.

Some important benefits of the OKRs include

Clarity– A clear understanding of the goals and the milestone accomplishments that indicate the progress of the project.

Transparency and alignment. A synchronized process through which individual goals are linked to the ‘big picture’ which depicts the organization's goals. In this setting, every member of your team can identify with the organizations goals and how their duties will impact on the organization's improvement.

Get praise; find out methods being used by other companies. Publishing quarterly or monthly goals and key results is an indication that your company is open about disclosure, it is easier to operate in a community where the public has a good idea about your company’s plans.

With the right approach, you and your team will be actively involved in setting goals and addressing challenges that may arise while implementing working systems to promote your business.

Establishing a routine during goal setting

A goal setting process which involves everyone makes it easier for your employees to present their suggestions and advice regarding alternative methods that can be used to achieve the set goals.

When everyone in your team has a deep sense of attachment during the decision making processes, deriving strategic methods that are more efficient and less time consuming will be easier. It is a gradual process, but with the right attitude and perseverance, your efforts will be successful.

As implied earlier, the first step is to set goals and keep your team focused on achieving these goals by performing their assigned duties. Then, a measurement system should be used to evaluate your progress to know if the plan is working.

The evaluation process can be done with a software like Just3things – OKR Software, which is compatible with your action plan and all automated processes you may have implemented to save time and increase positive results. In many organizations project evaluations were previously assessed by using spreadsheets. However, in recent times, over 75% of these companies have abandoned the old system.

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