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How to ignite charisma in others through energy and perception


Just for a moment, visualise yourself in a situation where you are facilitating or training. Now, using your imagination, send yourself a superpower that connects you to a universal field of infinite possibilities. A superpower that literally gifts you with the faculty to assess, retain and convey vast sources of wisdom and superior intelligence. A superpower that enables your delegates, learners and trainees to overcome anything that prevents them from achieving more of the results they want in their job and career.

This isn’t something from a sci-fi movie or a futuristic daydream – this is what happens when you access your authentic charisma.

Sociologist and distinguished professor, Edward Shils believed that a charismatic individual appears to be connected to the transcendental and superior powers of the universe. To grasp this extraordinary concept it helps to understand more about the limitations of the conscious and subconscious mind.

The relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind

Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi estimated that between two and 10 million bits of information flow into our subconscious mind every moment. Professor of Psychology George Miller at Harvard University states that your conscious mind only processes a tiny fraction of what your subconscious mind is receiving.

When your conscious mind is out of rapport with your subconscious mind, you’ll mute your own charisma.

If you feel uncertain about your content, or concerned about your delegates, even if you put on a brave face, you will be draining your energy and consequently your charisma.

Your subconscious mind communicates with your conscious mind using emotions as a feedback mechanism. The more you pay attention to your emotions, the more awareness you possess.

Even your powerful subconscious mind cannot recognise what is really happening ‘out there’.

If you’re in a training session and you feel tired or tense, then your subconscious mind has something it wants you to pay attention to.

This supports the process of alignment so that all aspects of you are aligned with who you are at your core.  This allows your charisma to flourish.

The matrix does exist

Even your powerful subconscious mind cannot recognise what is really happening ‘out there’. Your physical senses which form the bridge that conveys information into your subconscious mind are limited. Dogs hear at a wider range of frequencies and respond to sounds that humans can’t hear at all. A Hawk has 20/2 vision. They see something 20 feet away that looks like it is two feet away.

A normal person has 20/20 vision – they see something that’s 20 feet away as 20 feet away. Even with vast information flowing into your subconscious mind, what is ‘out there’ is a vast field of infinite possibilities.

Nobel prize winning physicists have proved that the physical world we experience is made up of a sea of pulsating energy that flashes in and out of being, millisecond after millisecond. Nothing is solid. This is the world of quantum mechanics.

Your thoughts pull together what you experience as your reality. Your perception fixes that reality and you respond to the perception you have created. You become what you think about most and experience what you think about most.

Your thoughts are changing the universe on a particle by particle basis

Your directed intent, your beliefs and your judgement about others will affect and impact on everyone that you teach or coach.

The beliefs that you’ve held to be true for years will be mirrored back to you in every learner. So the people that you help are actually showing you an insight about yourself.

If you experience others as angry, difficult and frustrating, these are emotions that you are holding within your own vibrational frequency.

When you accept responsibility that at some level you are attracting and creating everything in your life then your experiences become opportunities for your continued growth.

The way people respond to you is because you are energetically creating their reaction. It is simply aspects of your perceptions being projected onto them. Delegates and learners will subconsciously feel the energy of your perception about them.

What you think about their ability will be evidenced as the truth from your perspective.

Your charisma helps others to be the best they can be

Charisma is an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. It is the purest most powerful aspect of you. When you access your charisma you find that communication flows with ease, thinking becomes clearer and people respond to you at a deeper, more connected level.

At your most charismatic you are more expansive and find that you receive inspiration and ideas that feel resonant. Your charisma exudes an energy that delegates, trainees and learners will feel and they will naturally entrain their energy accordingly. By being the best you can be, you support and enable others to be the best they can be at that moment.

Mindfulness expands your charisma

When you are practicing mindfulness and are fully engaged and present in the 'now', you quieten your conscious mind and develop a stronger connection with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind has a greater ability to learn from the external environment because it ‘notices’ depth rather than what’s on the surface. Your subconscious mind holds a goldmine of information that willingly acts as your internal mentor and coach.

Breathing well supports the flow of your charisma

The way you breathe is the fastest way for you to access your charisma. Deep and slow breaths build your presence and energy and allow you to notice more of what is happening under the surface.

When you access your charisma you find that communication flows with ease, thinking becomes clearer and people respond to you at a deeper, more connected level.

Sometimes delegates and trainees may say that they are “fine” when in fact they are not fine. The deeper you breathe the more intuitive and responsive you are. This responsiveness expands your charisma and allows you to work with people in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Good perceptions create good energetic vibrations

Look for the good in each delegate, trainee or learner. Recognise that their behaviour is not necessarily who they are at their core.

See their positive intent and as you begin to understand what might be triggering their behaviour, view them through the eyes of compassion. Positive emotions soft and flowing energy. This provides a feeling of safety in others and their protective walls dissolve.

The better you become at noticing and managing your emotional state, the more charismatic you become.

Trainers, facilitators and coaches who are consistently positive about themselves and others are more charismatic.

Right now in this moment you have the opportunity to exert a stronger influence and a bigger impact upon those who you develop, coach and train. You are more than what your conscious mind can process. You are more than the information flowing into your subconscious mind. You are as infinite and as expansive as you allow yourself to be.

The more expansive you are the greater your impact on others. Choose your thoughts with care because your charisma’s ability to grow or wither depends on your perceptions. 

If you would like to experience a video demonstration of two of my favourite breathing techniques to help expand your charisma please email

Author Profile Picture
Nikki Owen

Charisma expert and founder of the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme

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