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How to motivate sales teams?



I'm looking for any suggestions any of you may have for motivating sales teams.

I am developing a busy inbound/outbond sales office. All sales are direct to stores with contracts with ourselves.

In addition to our weekly meetings, I would like 15-30 mins for refresher courses, buzz sessions, in fact anything which may get the adrenaline going...

Any suggestions?


Adam Slack

4 Responses

  1. Call centre teams
    Hi Adam

    I ran an outbound sales team for a couple of years. I learnt a lot during this time and there is lots of fun to be had! Here are some ideas

    1. Get a monthly competition underway, real basic one is snakes and ladders, move one space per sale, two for a double sale etc. but you can come up with some good games have a prize for the winner (something small)

    2. Everything is fun. Sales people are usually extrovert e.g When I used to do my compliance brief (which was percieved as boring) for every mistake they made, I would appoint them a silly task to do, the secret to this is to start light and build it up.

    3. Hold monthly Sales and relationship building training sessions and give your guys one thing to try for the month ahead

    4. Have clearly defined procedures and rules, always keep a good communication with your guys (this is essential)

    5. Hold weekly coaching session when you and the member of staff sit down together and listen to their calls, time contraints will dictate this but get at least one per staff in. Hold monthly appraisals and never judge, listen and help out.

    6. Get on the Phone yourself and lead from the front, they love seeing the boss on the phone if only to laugh if he doenst sell!

    Above all enjoy it. Make the environment fun and fast paced. An after work pint after a productive day never goes amiss either!

    Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this further

    Best regards


  2. Success breeds success
    Hi Adam

    It has been proven that although salespeople are motivated by money, targets and other such obvious things, the thing that actually motivates them most is success so the most important thing that you can do as a basis is to set up systems whereby they can feel empowered and successful, where they can hit targets and where you show them that you value their input.
    What has always worked well for me in terms of motivational meetings is to get the staff to hold them – a different person every week! They have to follow my structure but they go and find the icebreaker, collate the figures and run the meeting from the front. This helps to get them to buy into your ethos, gives them responsibility and shows you value and trust their input. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat further about this

    Lucy Brazier

  3. Games/ Exercises for Sales

    Painful to trawl through all the possibilities. I have used a Training Resource company based in Birmingham for over 10 years they deal with ALL the resource providers. There is NO additional cost to the item but the benefit to you is they do all the investigation and come back to you with options you may wish to consider. The service is EXCELLENT! There contact number is 0121 687 4062 and ask for Hayley. Hope this helps.

  4. Fun sales game
    Hi Adam.
    here’s a fun game to play with your sales team which aslo has a serious business learn.

    Get 2 buckets and 20 tennis balls.
    Line them up into two teams. Each team has to stand 10 feet away from the bucket and attempt to get the balls into the buckets as many times as possible in 2 minutes. Balls can be recollected and used again.
    Each team needs to record how many throws are made and how many go in. Use these figures to work out their ‘conversion rate’.
    Ask the teams to brainstorm ways in which they could improve their conversion rates, given a second opportunity.
    They will come up with many things, such as; practice; organise the team better; move faster (or slower!) play to the individuals strengths, measure the optimum shot etc etc.
    Give them a second go (their conversion rate almost always improves)
    Ask them how the techniques that they developed can be applied to their sales role to increase conversions. Practice, measurement, preparation, speed etc.
    I’m sure you will be amazed, as I have often been, at how creatively teams can apply the lessons of this game to their sales role. Sales related fun, what more can you ask for in 30 minutes?

    Hope this helps. Any questions please feel free to drop me a line.


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