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Ice breakers/Energisers


Does anyone have any suggestions as to a decent energiser. i am not the most creative person in the world and at the moment im having some difficulty thinking up good group activities.
Andrew Appleby

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  1. Icebreakers
    Here are a few options: Big Dog’s leadership exercises starters for meetings and seminars trainer name games register for hundreds of games and exercises a few free icebreakers and more games to buy liven up your workshops with free icebreakers and games to buy useful list of free icebreakers Just a few ideas, but clearly explained. well laid out and explain clearly some icebreakers and how to run them. A broad collection of issues relating to ice breaker exercise, including an explanation and checklist for what makes a good icebreaker, eve carries some energisers. 10 or 11 novel icebreaker exercises, very good. A brief resume of a range of introduction exercises and icebreakers Ideas and explanations of icebreakers and group development activities
    I try and keep my list up-to-date, so if you find any of these are now defunct or unsuitable please post a message to let me and others know.
    Best of luck!

  2. Thanks
    Thanks very much for the links, VERY helpful and greatly appreciated

  3. Giants Wizards Elves
    Try this one, very amusing and brings out the child in everyone.
    Based on a version of paper scissors stone. Split group into 2, ask them to line up facing each other. Ask each team to choose team names. Display the following on flip:- Giants squish elves
    Wizards cast a spell on Giants
    Elves out run wizards

    Demonstrate to the group the action attached to each character

    Giants – Stand tall on tiptoes, hands forming a claw like shape and raised slightly higer than your head & growl like a giant!

    Wizards – Stretch arms out and seperate fingers, shake hands as though casting a spell and at the same time make some sort of wizard noise such as azza cazam!

    Elves – Crouch down to the floor, place hands on top of head to represent elf ears and make an elf noise such as eek!

    Explain to the groups that they must decide in their team which character they will all represent in the first round. Teams facing each other, trainer to count them in and on the count of 3 the teams do their action (everyone in the same team must represent the same character). Best of 3 wins

    You could also look on the following website

  4. Keep it simple
    Anything that gets people to ‘change state’ will work and virtually always involves physical activity. Same criteria should apply as to ice-breakers: does it match the group? Does it match the purpose of the event? Does it deliver value for the time and effort invested?
    I recommend simplicity and brevity for an energiser – eg just asking people to get up and stretch may be enough, or every other person to change places – or just have a 5 minute break.
    Remember, too, that the need for an energiser may point to a problem with the design of your day!

  5. Motivation Enegiser / Icebreaker
    One that works in relation to motivation specifically but can be used for anything..

    Put a piece of flip chart paper onto the wall as high as you can (I suggest at the very top of the wall where it meets the ceiling). Give everyone a flipchart pen and ask them to make a mark as high as they can. Give everyone a chance to do this, then ask them to repeat the exercise but this time place the mark higher than their original one. 99% of the time they manage to achieve this. You can then relate this back to motivation and having something to aim for etc or just keep it simple.
    I have found that this is a simple enegiser that gets everyone up and talking etc.


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