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Icebreaker needed with a bhavioural twist


It will need to be for 40 people and I have 4 other facilitators if needed. Preferably fun, relevant to the day leaving the delegates feeling energised and thought provoked.

Thanks in anticipation

Mark Outhwaite

3 Responses

  1. Simple Simon creates organisational culture
    This exercise is based on the “Simple Simon Says…” game. Get the group to do what you say. At first say and do the same things (eg put your hands in the air, on your shoulders, on your lap, etc.) and get the group to follow. Then up the speed. Then say one thing but do another. Many in the group will follow what you do not what you say. Moral – staff and colleagues are influenced more by others’ behaviour than by what management say.

  2. Bomb & Shield
    Best done outdoors, works with any number though 20-50 is best.

    Everybody in their own mind designates a person as the bomb, and designates another as shield. When the facilitator says “GO!” each person moves to ensure that their ‘shield’ is between them and their ‘bomb’. Chaos ensues.

    The message? Simple objectives for one person or team, if not in line with the objectives of others, can soon result in chaos. And everybody is son focused on their own objective they aren’t too aware of the chaos around them.

    Or you could just use it to get energy levels up!

  3. Perhaps unorthodox but………..
    Hi Mark,

    It is quite difficult to advise when one is unaware of the course content. However, if you are looking at change management or any human behavioural course, this may be of use.

    After you have introduced yourself, and have the attention of your delegates, behave in a manner that typifies the points you are trying to get over. In effect, you will role-play, demonstrating as many points that pertain to the overall course objectives.

    It is quite easy to achieve, as you already have the script! To end your exercise, simply leave the room! This I believe will start a forum. Give your delegates about ten minutes or so to ponder and discuss your attitude and departure. When you return, ask your audience to discuss the issues and write them down as appropriate bullet points (which should coincide with your objectives). Should any delegates leave the room, either brief them, or perhaps use them – effectively.

    Objectives achieved;

    The ice is broken!

    Natural managers/team leaders will emerge

    True attitudes from delegates will be apparent, as this is essentially a real situation

    Post exercise discussions will assist in appraising attitudes and target levels.

    The shock value of this exercise will promote interest, participation, feedback and possibly the best value add – real experiences.

    I hope this idea may at least provoke some thoughts or ideas. If you would like to discuss some other ideas, or how to tailor this type of exercise to meet your needs, please feel free to contact me.

    Good luck


    [email protected]


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