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Icebreakers/energisers for Finance for Non-finance course


Next week I will be running a one day train-the-trainer course for 3 people who will then deliver a Finance for Non-finance 1 day course to their internal resources.

I'm trying to think of materials for such a subject and am brainstorming as I prepare.

Can anybody recommend icebreakers I can suggest to them, energisers during the day or anything else to liven up the course which they will give to 12 people using .ppt slides. They will be talking about topics such as budgets, gross and net margins.

I will be working with the 3 people to try and do facilitation rather than 'telling' but looking at their technical slides, it'll be a tall order!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thank you.

2 Responses

  1. Energisers


    We run Pictonary after lunch but all the Pictures are related to what we have learnt throughout the day, can be quite entertaining seeing what people come up with and really gets the energy level up and a good vibe in the room.  Easy for my as I work in the Electricity Industry not 100% sure about Finance but could be worth a go.

    Divide the group into 2

    Place 2 whiteboards at the front of the room

    Facilitator stands at the back of the room, each drawer has to run to the facilitator to find out what picture they need to draw, then run back to the whiteboard and start drawing.

    First team to guess right gets the point

    We also run a quiz recapping information from the morning or previous days session

    divide the group into smaller teams of 2 – 4

    Allocated each team a set of coloured balls (red for 1 team, yellow for another etc) in order to answer the question the teams must throw their balls at a box in the middle of the room, 1st team to get their coloured ball in gets to answer the question. 

    Name that slogan

    Again divide the group into smaller teams, read out advertising slogan from a number of companies e.g. "Because I’m worth it" L’Oreal , get teams to write down their answers and then read out the answers at end

    Or for a different spin use TV theme show tunes

    There is also an electronic version of Trivial Pursuit, you don’t need to use the board just the Question unit that comes with the game.  It gives you all the questions & answers and you can download more Questions direct to the unit.  Save you having to go online and make up your own trivia questions.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers Christine

    Change Trainer – Meridian Energy Christchurch NZ


  2. ‘Snowball’ fight

    1. Divide the group into 2 teams.
    2. Give each person sheets of paper and pens
    3. Ask them to, individually, write questions down that they would like answers to (during the previous session, ask them to save/make a note of any questions until the activity)
    4. Ask them to scrunch up the paper into balls and put them in a bin/bucket
    5. Each team stands at either end of the room and throw the ‘snowballs’ at each other (caution if very competitive people on opposite teams – it can get a bit feisty!)
    6. After a minute stop the ‘fight’ and count the balls – you need to have an approximate equal amount on each side
    7. Everyone gather ups the snowballs from the floor/desks and then works as a team to answer the questions on the snowballs that they now have.

    This activity allows people to ask about things that they might not otherwise ask and enables the cumulative knowledge in the groups to be shared.  It works with any subject, but would be great with a technical subject like finance as there are often definite answers, rather than opinions – good for first level sessions.

    Everyone wins!

    This would also work with paper aeroplanes 🙂

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Fiona Talbot


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